How To Use Room Divider For Air Conditioning (Explained)

Setting up a room divider at home is a great idea and can help optimize air flow when done right.

With air conditioning, it’s common for people to get frustrated with how the air moves from one room to the next. This can also reduce the amount of cooling in a specific room even if that is where you are spending most of your time.

As a result, you will want to learn how to use a room divider for air conditioning.

To use a room divider for air conditioning, start by placing it as a barrier between the two rooms. Next, close the windows, understand the direction of the airflow, and re-align the room divider to direct air back into the same room.

This is going to take a bit of time as you go through the trial and error phase.

This article is going to look at how to use a room divider for air conditioning the right way and what not to do.

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Tips To Use A Room Divider For Air Conditioning

1. Place Between Vent And The Other Room

When you are looking at setting up a room divider for your AC, it’s important to consider its specific location between the two rooms.

The main path you will want to analyze is the vent and the other room.

If you don’t have a barrier between these two areas, you are not going to redirect the airflow as you want to. This is what causes the cooling to spread to the other room without working where it is.

In an open area, this becomes a real problem.

You will find it hard to keep one part of the room cold because it is not going to be easy to retain the cooling.

Your best bet is to put the room divider in between these two spots.

2. Close The Windows And Doors

When you are doing this, it is important to think about the windows and/or doors in the room where the vent is.

This is another exit point that will make it difficult to keep things as cold as you want them to be.

Don’t underestimate the impact of an open window or door.

This is an exit point the cooling is going to take and it is one you will want to shut off as soon as possible.

By shutting off these exit points, you are going to keep the cool air where it should be. This is also going to make your AC more effective too.

3. Test The Direction Of The Airflow

The direction of the airflow is something people don’t think about as much as they should.

You will want to look at where the vent is going when air travels out of it. Does it travel straight to the other room?

You will want to use this information as a way to gauge the barrier you are putting up between the vent and the other room.

It is a lot easier to manage the cooling when the vent is not pushing the air in a direct line. You can set up the room divider in any spot between the vent and the other room to make sure some of the cooling stays where it needs to be.

However, when it is coming out in a straight line, you will need the barrier to be in between the room and the vent at a specific angle.

4. Change The Room Divider’s Location

When you have checked the airflow’s direction, you will now want to take this information to relocate the room divider.

The goal is to have the air hit the divider and bounce back into the same room you are keeping cool.

It will take a bit of testing as it is not easy to see where the air is going inside a room. However, you will want to make sure it is acting as a proper barrier.

If the air is simply spreading out of the vent, you can look to cover as much of the exit between this room and the other one.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps when it comes to managing a room divider for air conditioning.

When setting up a room divider for air conditioning, the first step is to place it between the vent and the other room. Next, close the windows, check the vent’s airflow, and relocate the divider based on where the air is traveling inside the room.

Your goal has to be to redirect the airflow to make sure it goes to where you want it to be.

Be patient with this process as it will take time to figure out what is optimal and what is not.

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