Why Is The Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning? (Solved!)

The Roomba is comprised of several functioning parts that work in harmony to deliver an automated cleaning experience.

When one of these parts breaks down or stops working as required, the Roomba is not going to be effective any longer.

One of those issues can involve the Roomba side brush not spinning properly.

If the Roomba side brush is not spinning, it likely has to be replaced. Turn the Roomba over and remove the side brush along the bottom. There will be an internal motor that has to be replaced. This motor is responsible for getting the side brush to spin and it is made of plastic. Replace the motor and the brush will spin again.

It is easy for this part of the Roomba to break down.

As a result, you will want to move forward with a replacement side brush for the Roomba to make sure it begins to work again.

This article will discuss the steps involved in fixing the Roomba’s side brush to ensure it spins again.

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How To Fix Roomba Side Brush That’s Not Spinning

1. Inspect The Side Brush

If the Roomba side brush module is not working, you will want to begin with the basics.

This includes turning over the Roomba and inspecting the side brush. Let the Roomba run and see whether or not the side brush spins when it is in this mode.

If it is not spinning, this means the module has to be replaced. Until it is replaced, the device is not going to work as it is supposed to.

Before replacing the Roomba’s side brush motor, it is essential to inspect it in detail. There are some situations where debris gets trapped inside the side brush causing it to jam. This is rare but it is a simple fix if you take out the side brush.

Attempt to clean the side brush and see whether or not that helps.

2. Remove the Side Brush Motor

If the Roomba side brush is making noise then the motor is still running.

However, if it is not causing the side brush to spin, there likely has to be damage involved with the device. To check things out in greater detail, you will have to remove the Roomba side brush and motor.

This will reveal whether or not the side brush has to be replaced.

In most situations, the side brush motor will have been damaged and is not going to spin the brush any longer. This means replacing the motor is the only way to go.

3. Replace The Motor

Look to buy a quality replacement side brush module for the Roomba.

This is going to be available through different suppliers and it’s important to get the one that is in line with your model.

Once you have the replacement side brush module, you are going to replace the motor. This does not take a long time as soon as you have taken out the previous motor.

For most people, this process should take a minute or two to complete. The new motor is going to pop right in.

roomba side brush not spinning

4. Test The Roomba

Now it is time to make sure the Roomba side brush works the way it is intended to.

This includes spinning and helping clean the property.

If you want to make sure the job has done well, you will want to turn on the Roomba and see if the side brush spins. If the new motor has been installed correctly, it will begin to work correctly right away.

Make sure to test the Roomba in different settings to ensure it is not just working in your hands. You will want it to work on the ground when it is moving on different types of surfaces.

This is the only way to test the Roomba side brush and make sure it is effective.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if the Roomba side brush is not spinning anymore.

If the Roomba side brush is not spinning, the issue likely has to do with the motor not working any longer. The best solution is to first clear the side brush of any debris to see if that’s the issue. If it is not, you will have to remove the side brush and motor to replace them.

This is the only way to get the Roomba working again.

Be methodical during the replacement process and ensure the side brush motor is fully in place before putting everything back together.

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