Why Is The Roomba Side Brush Screw Stripped? (Solved!)

After years of use, it’s common for Roombas to stop functioning as required.

This can include the side brush not spinning as intended. When this occurs, it’s normal for you to wonder what the real issue is and whether or not changes can be made without replacing the part itself.

One of the issues that pop up comes in the form of the Roomba side brush screw getting stripped. This causes the screw to not hold as it is supposed to.

When the Roomba side brush screw is stripped, you will have to use all-purpose putty to fill the hole where the screw goes. This putty will allow the screw to hold into place as soon as it is put inside. It’s a simple solution that will ensure the side brush functions as intended.

When doing this, remember all-purpose putty has to be handled with a lot of care. It lets off fumes and should not be exposed to the room for long periods.

This article will take a deeper dive into how to fix a stripped side brush screw for the Roomba.

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How To Fix Roomba Side Brush Screw That’s Stripped

1. Inspect The Screw

You will want to inspect everything when assessing the side brush screw in a Roomba.

When the side brush is not working, you will want to start with the basics. This includes looking at the Roomba side brush screw size to ensure it’s the right fit.

There are occasions when the screw is simply too short and will not go all the way in. This is when a replacement screw is the better option rather than worrying about filling the gap.

If the Roomba side brush screw is too short, it is not going to work as intended.

However, if the Roomba side brush screw is the right size, it’s time to move on to looking at how it’s been stripped. This will include assessing where the screw goes and how it is going to hold into place once the motor starts running.

If there are any issues in this regard, the side brush will not function at all.

2. Put Putty Into The Hole

Now it is time to look at the solution to this problem.

You are going to use all-purpose putty and put it into the hole where the screw goes. This is going to ensure the side brush holds into place and works as you want it to.

When you use all-purpose putty for the Roomba, you are going to want to place it on a separate dish or paper to make sure it is mixed before applying it to the Roomba. This will ensure it curates as you want it to.

3. Re-Insert The Screw

Once you are certain the putty is in place, it is time to re-insert the screw.

This will ensure the screw holds into place as intended and the side brush can start working again.

You will have to make sure the screw goes in straight as that is the only way it’s going to work. If it is off to the side, the side brush is not going to be functional even if the screw holds on.

Take your time doing this as the putty will harden.

roomba side brush screw stripped

4. Test The Side Brush

You will now want to take the time to test the side brush.

The motor is going to turn on and the side brush should spin once this occurs. If it is still not spinning or the screw is coming undone then it is likely not in place.

You will have to rework the screw and try again.

This is not going to be as simple as you want it to be but the fix will work. You will have to be patient and make sure the stripped screw does not hold the robot vacuum back.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow when fixing a Roomba side brush screw that’s stripped.

When fixing a Roomba side brush screw that’s stripped, you will want to take all-purpose putty and cover the hole where it’s going to go. This will ensure the screw holds into place as soon as it is re-inserted into the Roomba.

It’s a quick fix that is going to ensure the Roomba can begin to work again as you hope for it too. Take each step seriously and make sure you are using the right all-purpose putty for maximum results.

This will ensure the results are worthwhile right away.

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