How To Remove Rug Outline On Hardwood Floors (Solved)

When a rug has been sitting in the same place for too long, it will start to leave marks behind.

This is common and it’s something to be aware of as a property owner. If you have hardwood flooring, it’s best to take a step back and focus on the right materials to remove the marks.

This is essential when learning how to remove a rug outline on hardwood floors.

It’s almost impossible to remove a rug outline on hardwood floors using chemicals. To fix this issue, the best option is to leave the floor exposed to sunlight and it will even out after 3-4 months.

If you want an immediate solution, the best option is to clean the surface. This can include using a specialized hardwood cleaner to help remove excess debris and/or dirt that was sitting under the rug.

This might not balance out the outline but it will help blend it in.

This guide will explain more about what to do if you want to remove a rug outline on hardwood floors.

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Steps On How To Remove Rug Outline On Hardwood Floors

1. Clean The Debris Under Rug

Hardwood floor discoloration under the rug is an unfortunate consequence of using a rug on your floor.

This is why you might prefer keeping those messes under the rug including a rug outline.

However, what if you want to remove the rug and leave the hardwood floor bare in that space?

If that is the case, it’s time to begin with the basics.

The first step is to simply clean the floor under the rug. This includes taking a mop and removing the dust that has settled in that part of the room. It’s important to take care of this before looking at any other solution.

Sometimes, cleaning the hardwood floor will go a long way in blending the outline in.

rug outline on hardwood floors

2. Leave Exposed To Sunlight

To remove a rug outline on the floor, you will have to understand how it pops up in the first place.

In general, the sunlight in that part of the property is going to continue to hit the exposed hardwood floor throughout the year.

When you decide to remove the rug, this reveals the part of the floor that hasn’t been touched by the sunlight.

The best example of this would be a person wearing a bikini on the beach and getting tanned. You will notice the change in color of the parts that are exposed to the sun versus those that aren’t.

The same applies to the hardwood floor under the rug.

The best option is to let the floor sit in the sun for the next 3-4 months. This will help even out the discoloration and make it better.

3. Change The Tarnished Pieces (If Necessary)

This is a more immediate solution if you don’t have time to waste.

A lot of property owners only consider this when they are selling a property. It is the most costly solution but it is going to take care of the issue within a day.

The idea here is to simply take out the pieces that are causing you trouble. It will be a small area and you can replace them quickly.

rug outline on hardwood floors

Do Rugs Discolor Hardwood Floors?

Rugs do discolor hardwood floors due to sunlight exposure. When the sun hits the exposed floor, this creates a difference between what’s under the rug and what’s not.

When this happens, the best solution is to simply remove the rug and let the entire hardwood floor sit in the sunlight.

This will eventually help it even out.

You have to stay patient during this process or it is not going to look the way you want it to.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to remove a rug outline on hardwood floors.

To remove a rug outline on hardwood floors, you have to understand it’s a long-term process. This cannot be resolved with chemicals. The best solution is to leave the hardwood floor exposed to sunlight for 3-4 months. This will even it out. The short-term option is to simply change out the tarnished pieces.

This comes down to what you want as a property owner and what your budget is.

A lot of people are willing to wait especially if they are not moving out. Just a few months will be enough to get the job done and get the floor to how it is supposed to look.

Of course, if you don’t have time and/or are selling the property, it’s best to replace the tarnished pieces.

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