Is Rust In Kettle Harmful? (Explained)

It’s normal to expect a kettle to work the way it is designed to.

For the most part, a kettle is not going to age aggressively and is going to continue to work as you want it to.

However, there are situations when you start to notice rust in the kettle. This is when you will want to know whether or not rust in a kettle is harmful.

Rust in a kettle is not harmful in small amounts. You can still consume the water. To remove rust in a kettle, sand it using a rough cloth, rinse the kettle, and boil water to get rid of the remaining flakes.

This should help take care of the issue and make sure rust does not become a long-term concern.

In general, a small amount of rust in the kettle is not a major concern. Of course, you will still want to get rid of it and a rough cloth will get the job done.

This article will explain more about what you have to do when removing rust in a kettle the right way.


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How To Manage Rust In Kettle

1. Use A Rough Cloth To Scrape Off The Rust

To remove rust in a kettle, you will want to sand it off.

This is going to include using a rough cloth.

The abrasive cloth is going to offer enough friction to loosen the rust. This is when you are going to notice the flakes begin to come off.

For the most part, this is not going to happen right away. You are going to have to continue to scrape off the flakes using the rough cloth for at least 10-15 minutes.

Continue to do this for as long as you have to.

If necessary, you can also use a sharp object to begin to further loosen the rust. This is going to take a bit of time but it will be well worth the effort.

The rust is going to start peeling off and that is when you begin to wipe it away.

rust in kettle harmful

2. Rinse Using Water

If there is rust inside a kettle, you will want to rinse it using water.

This is after you have scraped the kettle using a rough cloth.

The reason for rinsing the kettle is to make sure any loose debris is removed in advance. This is going to help ensure the next steps work out as you want them to.

Take your time rinsing the kettle and make sure to get all of it.

The insides of a kettle are not always easy to clean, which is why using water is a must.

3. Boil Water

Now, you are going to look to complete the job.

This is going to include removing rust in a kettle using boiling water.

Pour water into the kettle, turn it on, and then wait for it to boil as you normally would. This is going to help loosen the rust again and make sure it starts to peel off.

Please note that you are not going to want to drink or use this water after it has been boiled.

Just dump it into the sink.

The only goal here is to boil the water and then use its heat to loosen the rust. This will be the last step in completing the removal process.

rust in kettle harmful

4. Wipe Again To Remove Remaining Flakes

Before using the kettle, you are going to want to take a clean cloth and wipe the insides of the appliance.

This is going to make sure anything that is still inside the kettle is removed instantly.

Do not use the kettle before doing this.

The goal of this process is to ensure the next time you use the kettle, it is rust-free.

The cloth should help with this instantly.

As soon as you have wiped the kettle, you are now good to go and it will be ready for use.

Final Thoughts

This is what you are going to want to account for when it comes to figuring out if rust in a kettle is harmful.

It is safe to drink water from a kettle that has rust inside. However, it is still best to remove the rust. To do this, scrape off the rust using an abrasive cloth, rinse the kettle with water, and then boil water to loosen the remaining rust.

This will ensure the rust is removed and taken care of as soon as you want to.

It is common for rust to collect inside a kettle. This happens over time.

Most people will continue to use the kettle without too much trouble. If it becomes excessive, you will want to go through the steps that have been mentioned in this guide as a way to stay safe.

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