Samsung Dishwasher Fills And Drains But Doesn’t Wash! (Fixed)

It’s often assumed when a dishwasher fills, this is enough for it to start working.

In some cases, this is not going to happen and that might be a real issue with your dishwasher too.

You might have a situation where the Samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash.

If the Samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash, the most common reason is a blocked motor or a damaged water inlet valve. To fix the issue, check the valve near the bottom of the dishwasher, tighten the wiring, and assess whether or not it needs to be replaced.

When the water inlet valve in a Samsung dishwasher has to be replaced, you will have to find a compatible component.

This is often going to be accompanied by a “hammering” noise that will indicate the water inlet valve is not working in the dishwasher.

Here is a look at what you should do when the Samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash.

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Steps To Follow If Samsung Dishwasher Fills And Drains But Doesn’t Wash

1. Check The Water Inlet Valve

When the Samsung dishwasher continues to drain without washing, you will know it is likely something to do with the mechanism associated with the pumping or handling of water.

This is why you will need to take a look at the water inlet valve in the Samsung dishwasher.

This is the part that is responsible for how the water drains and it needs to be functional. Otherwise, the dishwasher is going to continue to drain even if it shouldn’t.

What you are going to be looking for is noticeable damage to the water inlet valve.

However, you will also need to use your ears.

Listen for a hammering sound. It will sound like a water hammer inside the dishwasher. This is a sign the water inlet valve has broken down and needs to be repaired or replaced.

samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn't wash

2. Tighten The Wiring

The water inlet valve is going to have wiring that can be tightened.

Now, this might not be the reason for the valve not working properly but it is a simple fix that is a good starting point.

You might end up resolving the issue by going down this path.

You will want to tighten the wiring and see if that helps.

The water inlet valve is going to have a couple of wires that are going to come from it and connect to other components in the dishwasher.

Look for these wires and tighten them one by one.

3. Replace The Water Inlet Valve

You might end up in a situation where the only solution is to replace the water valve.

If that is the case then you are not going to have any other option. You will need to make sure the water inlet valve is replaced carefully.

When doing this, it’s important to make sure there is a hammering noise coming from the dishwasher. Otherwise, you might end up replacing the valve when it is the motor that is the real concern.

This is why it’s best to have a specialist take a look at the Samsung dishwasher too.

When you are certain it’s the valve, it’s time to replace it.

samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn't wash

4. Run A Small Load For Testing

Before diving headfirst into washing a comprehensive load in the Samsung dishwasher, you will want to start small.

This means running a small load for testing.

The goal is to see whether or not the dishwasher works as it is supposed to. It should continue to go through the wash cycle without draining.

If it does, you can then test a larger load.

It’s important to stay patient when it comes to running a proper load. You never want a situation where the load is too big and that causes the dishwasher to break down.

Final Thoughts

It is important to think about what works and what does not if the Samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash.

If the Samsung dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash, this means the motor or water inlet valve is malfunctioning. To fix the issue, inspect the water inlet valve, tighten the wires, and replace the valve if it is damaged. The same applies to the motor.

You will always want to pay attention to the sounds during a task such as this.

The sounds will let you know where the problem lies.

If it is a hammering sound, it is the water inlet valve that is the issue. If it is a hissing noise then the motor is likely the root cause.

Go through and test both reasons to see which one is causing the problems in your case.

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