Why Is Samsung Fridge Door Not Closing Automatically (Fixed)

Samsung is detail-oriented when it comes to the minor features associated with its appliances.

This includes something as simple as how a Samsung fridge door closes. It is supposed to close on its own.

However, what happens if the Samsung fridge door is not closing automatically?

The Samsung fridge door is not closing automatically because the hinge is loose or damaged. To fix the issue, start by inspecting the seal near the hinge, removing debris, and then tightening the hinge.

For the most part, the Samsung fridge door won’t close automatically because of the hinge getting loose. This happens when the fridge door is opened and closed often.

There will come a time when the door is simply not going to function as it is supposed to. As a result, the door is going to stay open and you are going to get confused as to why the Samsung door won’t close on its own.

This guide will take a look at what you should do if the Samsung fridge door is not closing automatically.

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How To Fix Samsung Fridge Door That’s Not Closing Automatically

1. Inspect The Hinge

If the Samsung fridge door doesn’t close on its own, you will know it is likely the one connecting point that is causing the issue.

This is the hinge.

The hinge is responsible for how a Samsung fridge door swings and whether or not it’s flush with the rest of the appliance. It also impacts the overall seal when the fridge door is closed.

If anything is wrong with the hinge, it can start impacting every other aspect of the appliance too.

This is why you have to start by taking a look at the hinge to see whether or not it’s loose.

samsung fridge door not closing automatically

2. Remove Debris Near The Hinge

Before working on the hinge, start with the basics.

You are going to look up and down at the seal running along the door. You want to see whether or not there is a gap in the seal or if it’s damaged.

The goal is to remove any debris that is present in that part of the door.

You want to make sure it is clear.

While doing this, also make sure to brush off the hinge as debris can collect in the gap. This can make it difficult to close the fridge door.

3. Tighten The Hinge

You will want to take the time to tighten the hinge.

The premise here is to make sure you are tightening the hinge so it’s flush against the rest of the appliance.

If it wiggles, this means it is not tight enough.

You have to continue to tighten the hinge until it’s flat against the fridge. This is how the door is going to hold up when you open or close it.

Otherwise, the automated nature of the door swing is not going to work.

Work on this and continue to test the fridge door while doing this.

samsung fridge door not closing automatically

4. Replace The Hinge (If Broken)

Let’s assume you have taken a look at the Samsung fridge door hinge and realize it is fully damaged.

This can happen due to natural wear and tear or when you are aggressive with the door.

Regardless of what the reason is, your best option now is to replace the door hinge. This is going to ensure the new hinge works well and allows the Samsung fridge door to swing as it needs to.

You will want to find a compatible door hinge and set it into place.

Make sure it is flush against the fridge and allows the door to swing automatically once it’s closing.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps that will keep things simple when it is time to learn how to fix a Samsung fridge door that is opening automatically.

To fix a Samsung fridge door that is opening automatically, start by inspecting the hinge to see if it’s loose or damaged. Once done, remove all debris near the seal and hinge, tighten the part, and re-check the door swing. If it’s damaged, replace the hinge immediately.

These steps will make sure the Samsung fridge door does close automatically and works the way it is supposed to.

For the most part, people notice the hinge is loose. This can happen and the best option is to be patient and work through the steps listed here.

This is how you are going to know the Samsung fridge door will close automatically and is not going to continue to open on its own.

Just a simple fix will get the job done.

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