Why Is The Samsung Fridge Screen Frozen? (Fixed)

The Samsung fridge screen is innovative, useful, and offers a unique way to use this common household appliance.

It is also an additional feature that might not always work as it should. This can be frustrating and will make you wonder what to do next.

One issue that often comes up is when the Samsung fridge screen is frozen.

If the Samsung fridge screen is frozen, start by opening the right door and lifting the removable cover (inside top right). Now, turn the red switch off, wait 1-2 minutes, and switch it back on. The screen should now be unfrozen.

This is a common problem that does come up due to how the Samsung fridge screen works. Do not panic as the internal red switch will take care of the problem for you.

The switch is going to let you reset the Samsung fridge screen to ensure it is back to how it was before.

This guide will show you more about what to do if the Samsung fridge screen is frozen.

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Steps To Implement If The Samsung Fridge Screen Is Frozen

1. Open The Right Door

When the Samsung refrigerator screen is frozen, you will want to use the built-in resetting mechanism that is available to users.

This is something the brand has thought of when it comes to the screen’s functionality.

You are going to be looking for an internal red switch. This switch is responsible for resetting the Samsung fridge’s screen.

To find it, you are going to start by opening the right side door.

This is where the internal red switch is.

samsung fridge screen frozen

2. Open The Cover On The Inside Top Right

You are now going to open the cover on the inside top right.

This will be a noticeable cover that is going to be easy to access as soon as you find it. They have put it in a position that is easy to reach and will allow you to toggle the on/off switch right away.

The purpose of this internal red switch is to provide a way to reset the screen and power that is running to the fridge.

You will want to use it to your advantage when the Samsung fridge screen is not working properly.

When you open the cover that is in place on the top right, you will notice there is a red switch inside.

This switch is what will help you reset the fridge.

3. Switch The Red Button Off

You will want to immediately turn the switch off.

To do this, you are going to toggle it to the off position. This is going to be the opposite of where it is right now.

You will want to be patient and make sure it is properly working.

If it does work, you are going to notice the screen turn off. This is a good sign that your Samsung fridge’s screen will reset as soon as you have gone through the process.

If you notice the issue is still present, you will want to unplug the unit and wait longer. This means the switch itself is not working.

samsung fridge screen frozen

4. Turn The Red Button On After 1-2 Minutes

The last step is to turn the red button back on after waiting a few minutes. The longer you wait, the better.

Being patient during this step is to your benefit.

You will want to let the Samsung fridge cycle through its power and make sure it has a chance to reset the screen as soon as you are ready.

Take your time while doing this to make sure you get the results you set out to get.

Once again, if this does not work, you will want to unplug the entire appliance. This is going to reset everything.

For most people, the internal red switch should be more than enough to reset the unit.

Final Thoughts

As long as you follow these steps if the Samsung fridge screen is frozen, you will reset the screen instantly.

If the Samsung fridge screen is frozen, start by opening the right side door, looking for the internal cover on the top right, and then turning the red switch to the off position. Wait at least 1-2 minutes and then turn the switch back on. This will reset the screen.

In rare cases, you might have to unplug the appliance to reset the unit. This happens when the internal red switch is not functioning the way it is supposed to.

Samsung has made this process easy for users. Take advantage of it with the help of the red switch and the screen should be back to how it needs to be within minutes.

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