Why Is Samsung Refrigerator Flashing 34? (How To Fix)

Is your Samsung refrigerator giving you trouble?

It’s common for Samsung fridges to come along with a set of error codes built into the system. This is a safety net to ensure the user is aware of what is going on with the appliance when it stops functioning as engineered.

With this in mind, you might wonder about the Samsung refrigerator flashing 34.

If a Samsung refrigerator is flashing 34, this means the internal temperature is out of sync. The most common reason for this happening is a damaged or malfunctioning evaporator fan. It’s recommended to check the back and sides of the fridge to see signs of frost. This can indicate the airflow is incorrect. To fix error 34, Replace the evaporator fan and reset the fridge.

It’s best to go through a complete diagnostic assessment to see what’s wrong with the Samsung fridge first.

Don’t rush to change the evaporator fan even if that is the problem. Sometimes, the error code pops up due to a mistake with the sensor.

This article will explain what to do when your Samsung refrigerator is flashing 34.

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How To Fix Samsung Refrigerator Flashing 34

1. Look for Frost Along The Sides & Back

The first thing you will want to do is look for frost along the sides and back.

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of frost that collects within a fridge. This indicates a serious problem with the airflow in your Samsung refrigerator.

If there is noticeable frost, the first thing you should do is remove items to see if that helps. An overloaded fridge will start to develop frost.

You will also want to attempt to reset the temperature by increasing it a few degrees. If nothing works, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Samsung refrigerator flashing 34

2. Unplug the Fridge for 2 Hours

If you are getting error 34 with a Samsung refrigerator, it’s time to see if the sensor is giving you trouble.

Sometimes, it is the sensor that malfunctions and that causes the error code to display on the panel. Don’t try to fix the issue before resetting the fridge.

To do this, you will want to unplug it for at least two hours.

This should reset the Samsung fridge to see if that was the problem. If the error continues to come then it’s time to move to the next step.

3. Test the Fridge Again

Plug the fridge in.

The goal is to see what the real problem is when you have an empty Samsung fridge in front of you. When there is food inside, it is common for the airflow to get restricted and that brings along with it a long list of issues.

Remove the food and see if the reset fridge has improved.

If you are still noticing the error code 34 and frost along the back of the fridge, this means it is time to look at a deep-rooted problem such as the evaporator fan.

4. Replace the Evaporator Fan

In a lot of cases, it is not going to be the evaporator fan but if you are noticing the frost and nothing seems to fix the problem then it is like this component that is the troublemaker.

So, what do you do with a damaged or malfunctioning evaporator fan?

You are going to have to replace the evaporator fan in the Samsung fridge. It’s highly recommended to take your time to locate the evaporator fan and make sure you get a good replacement fan that will be a perfect fit.

Do this by finding your model number and getting the exact evaporator fan needed for your specific Samsung fridge.

When your Samsung fridge is blinking 34, this means the cooling is off. Since you know it is the evaporator fan, it’s best to locate it and see what the problem is.

By replacing it, you will get the fridge to start working properly within minutes. The airflow is going to improve and that will also regulate the cooling in the Samsung fridge.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow with a Samsung refrigerator flashing 34.

To fix a Samsung refrigerator flashing 34, it’s best to unplug the fridge for two hours. If the problem persists, it’s likely due to a damaged or malfunctioning evaporator fan. Replace the fan and the fridge will begin working again.

It’s highly recommended to find the exact fan that will work well for your fridge. It’s the only way you are going to get the replacement fan to work in your Samsung fridge.

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