How To Fix Samsung Washer Unbalanced Spin (Fixed)

When a Samsung washer starts making loud noises, it’s time to assess what’s going on and what might cause the drum to not move properly.

This does happen and the spin cycle becomes aggressive.

You will need to get to the bottom of what is causing this to happen and the best approach is to look at how to fix a Samsung washer with an unbalanced spin cycle.

To fix a Samsung washer with an unbalanced spin cycle, check if there’s too much clothing in the drum. Remove some items and try again. If it’s still noisy, turn off the water, access the four suspension damper rods, and replace all of them.

It is common for suspension rods to weaken with time.

You are also going to worsen things by continually running a Samsung washer that is unbalanced.

This will cause it to continue to spin improperly and eventually break down. To avoid this, you will want to be proactive and fix the issue before it gets worse.

This article is going to highlight what you should be doing if the Samsung washer has an unbalanced spin cycle.

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How To Repair Samsung Washer Unbalanced Spin

1. Reduce The Load

One of the reasons for this happening comes down to what you are putting in the Samsung washing machine.

If the washing machine is unbalanced, you will need to pinpoint how many clothing items you are putting in per load.

It is common for a person to stuff the washing machine drum.

This will cause it to become unbalanced and when the spin cycle starts, it will begin to make loud noises.

Your best option is to make sure to take out at least 10% of the load and see if that helps. It can also do the same if you are putting too few items in the washer.

Always look to find a happy medium for the Samsung washer to remain balanced.

2. Turn Off The Water

You will want to see whether or not the water is coming into the washer when you are about to repair it.

This is to make sure you don’t get sprayed with water during the repair.

It is common for the water to start leaking when the water supply is still on. As a safety precaution, it is best to turn off the water supply and then begin working on the Samsung washing machine.

This will ensure you don’t have to deal with water damage later.

3. Access The Suspension Rods

What is another cause for an unbalanced spin cycle in a washing machine?

One of the suspension rods in your Samsung washer may have broken down. This is going to have to be replaced or the unbalanced spinning will continue.

Where are these suspension rods in a Samsung washer?

You can find the suspension rods on the bottom four corners of the washer.

This means you are going to need to pull out the washer to see what is happening with the suspension rods.

They are designed to help nestle the washing machine and make sure it spins evenly. If one of those rods is damaged, you will end up with a loud washing machine.

4. Replace All Four Suspension Rods

You have to take the time to replace all four suspension rods.

This is one of the most important things a person can do when hoping to get things right. You cannot have a situation where the suspension rods are out of order and/or damaged as it will get worse with time.

You will want to take a look at where the suspension rod is set up.

This includes whether or not it is tightened.

If you are dealing with a problem such as this, you will want to make sure to replace all four suspension rods as soon as possible.

This will get the Samsung washer back into order.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to manage a Samsung washer with an unbalanced spin cycle.

If the Samsung washer has an unbalanced spin cycle, it’s best to reduce the clothing load in the washing machine drum. Next, turn off the water supply, pull out the washer, and inspect the four bottom suspension rods. If they are damaged, replace these rods instantly.

You will want to do this or the unbalanced spinning will continue for your washer.

This is an essential part of the washer and it has to be in working order or you are not going to be happy with the results. Take your time to focus on this and make sure the results are on par with what you need.

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