Samsung Washing Machine Red Drum Light! (Fixed)

It’s normal for you to inspect the Samsung washing machine and then see a specific warning symbol pop up.

You are going to wonder what the symbol is suggesting, especially when it is red.

This is what happens when you see the Samsung washing machine’s red drum light.

The Samsung washing machine’s red drum light represents a voltage issue going to the machine. To fix the issue, inspect the power cord, avoid using an extension cable, unplug the unit, and then reset it.

This is not always a symbol to worry about as it might just be a slight fluctuation that will go away.

Otherwise, if it continues to pop up, you will want to inspect the power cord in greater detail to see why it is causing this type of reaction. If you are using an extension cord then that is the main issue.

The Samsung washer requires consistent power and that might not be happening with an extension cord.

It is best to have it plugged into the electrical outlet to make sure it works as needed.

This article is going to show you what to do for the Samsung washing machine’s red drum light.

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Steps To Follow To Fix Samsung Washing Machine Red Drum Light

1. Check The Plug

The most common reason for the red drum light on a Samsung washer has to do with its plug.

The plug might be loose and/or damaged.

This means there is a lack of consistent electrical input coming to the washer. When this occurs, the red symbol will pop up on the machine right away.

Sometimes, this might just be the case of you pulling on the washer causing the cord to loosen.

The easiest fix for something like this is to make sure the plug is not damaged and then tighten it by pushing it back in.

The red drum light will go away after a minute or two.

2. Avoid Using An Extension Cord

Another reason this tends to happen is depending on how you have set up the electrical source going to the washing machine.

A washing machine requires consistent electrical input.

If not, it is going to either stop in the middle of a cycle or is not going to work at all. This is why you have to go with a dedicated outlet for the washer to work properly.

A lot of people don’t do this and then they have to deal with similar issues such as this one.

In general, you will want to plug the washer directly into an outlet without the extension cord.

3. Unplug The Unit

You will now want to take the time to unplug the Samsung washing machine.

The idea is to let the power drain from the machine and for it to reset. This is important because you might not get rid of the red drum warning symbol on the Samsung washer until you do this.

The problem might be fixed and the issue might still be there.

Think about this when you are figuring out what your options are.

You will want to wait at least a few minutes before plugging it back in.

4. Reset The Washer

The last step is to complete the reset.

You are going to unplug the appliance, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.

This is essential when it comes to doing things the right way.

If you don’t let the Samsung washer reset, it is going to continue to display the red drum warning symbol indefinitely.

This is why you will want to go through this step right now to ensure the problem has been resolved. It will also offer insight into whether or not the problem has been fixed.

If it is still there, you will need to look at the electrical source again.

Final Thoughts

This is all you are going to need to do when removing the Samsung washing machine’s red drum light.

To remove the Samsung washing machine’s red drum light, start by inspecting the plug, get rid of any extension cord being used, unplug the unit, and then plug it back in after a few minutes.

This is going to help preset the Samsung washer and give you more time to work on the problem.

This is the only way to stay on top of things and make sure the problem goes away. Otherwise, the red drum symbol is going to stay there.

Go through these steps and always make sure the electrical plug is as secure as possible. This is a potential safety issue if you are not careful.

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