Should Bathroom Mirror Touch Backsplash? (Answered!)

Setting up a bathroom mirror is an important step when designing this part of the house.

You have to understand a long list of variables including sightlines, usability, and aesthetics. Yet, a lot of people forget about the other elements near the bathroom mirror including the backsplash.

You will wonder, should a bathroom mirror touch the backsplash?

A bathroom mirror should not touch the backsplash. It’s recommended to have a small gap of 1/16″ near the bottom for quick removals when necessary.

Each design is different but having a bathroom mirror that sits flush against the backsplash could lead to unwanted damage later on. A small gap will work wonders in making sure the bathroom mirror is accessible whenever you need it to be.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why a bathroom mirror should not touch the backsplash.

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Reasons Why A Bathroom Mirror Should Not Touch The Backsplash

1. Difficult to Remove

The main concern can end up involving how the bathroom mirror sits once time passes. It might be easy to remove on day one but that’s not the case a few months or years later.

The bathroom mirror will get stuck onto the backsplash and that becomes increasingly difficult to remove without damaging everything around it.

This is why most property owners will look to leave a tiny gap between the bathroom mirror and backsplash. It’s safer and will make it much easier to remove the mirror whenever necessary.

should bathroom mirror touch backsplash

2. Can Lead To Hairline Cracks

The bathroom has a lot of moisture and that can make it prone to breakage.

Whether it is the bathroom mirror or the backsplash tiles, you will want to make sure there is some form of protection in place.

A lot of property owners don’t think about this and that is what leads to hairline cracks. You have to be careful and leave a gap to ensure those cracks don’t develop.

It’s essential to understand the impact of hairline cracks when it comes to the backsplash. It’s essential to protect the backsplash by creating that gap.

What will be a hairline crack at first could get much worse with time.

This is why leaving a tiny gap between the bathroom mirror and backsplash is the way to go. It will ensure those hairline cracks don’t develop.

3. Can Lead To Challenging Repairs

Everything isn’t going to be perfect all the time when it comes to your bathroom.

The backsplash may be going to start decaying and/or showing signs of aging. This means you will want to replace tiles and make adjustments from time to time.

When this happens, those repairs will not be easy when the bathroom mirror is in the way and difficult to remove.

Removing everything becomes difficult when the bathroom mirror is flush with the backsplash. It’s best to leave a small gap to prevent this.

The removal process can make it a costly repair job.

You will want to make it as simple as possible to remove the bathroom mirror. This includes removing it nicely when it is sitting against the wall.

should bathroom mirror touch backsplash

4. May Cause Slippage

Slippage is noted for being a real concern and it is something you are going to want to take into account from day one.

The mirror may start to slip when it is snug against the backsplash.

This includes the mirror moving in one direction or the other and becoming misaligned. To avoid a situation such as this, you will want to prep for slippage as much as possible.

By having a gap between the bathroom mirror and the backsplash, it’s possible to reduce the chances of slippage.

Related Questions

1. Should Bathroom Mirror Sit On Backsplash?

A bathroom mirror should not sit on the backsplash. If the mirror is being placed on top of the backsplash then it’s okay to have it right against the wall. In traditional scenarios, it’s recommended to maintain a small gap of 1/16″.

2. How Far Should A Mirror Be Hung Over A Backsplash?

It’s best to have a mirror right against the backsplash when it’s put on top. This ensures the mirror doesn’t break and looks clean from all angles.

Final Thoughts

Should a bathroom mirror touch the backsplash?

A bathroom mirror should not touch the backsplash when it’s installed. It’s best to leave a small gap of approximately 1/16″ along the bottom for a more clean look. This will also help remove the bathroom mirror whenever necessary.

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