Should I Hear My Refrigerator Running? (Explained)

Refrigerators are not known for producing noise and most people will be unaware of the sound they make during the day.

It is often assumed they will run in the background and act as nothing more than a simple way to keep your food and/or beverages cool.

While this is true, it’s still important to ask, should I hear my refrigerator running?

You should hear the refrigerator running. It will be a gentle humming noise that indicates the appliance is functional and the compressor is running properly. If there is no noise, this is often an indicator that something is wrong.

It’s best to keep track of this whenever you open the fridge.

If it is not making noise, this might be a reason to look deeper into what is going on with the appliance. If the compressor does not work, the fridge is not going to cool as you want it to.

Here is a look at a few details to consider when it comes to a refrigerator making noise when running.

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Things To Know About Refrigerator Noises

1. Gentle Humming Is Normal

If the refrigerator is making a humming noise, this is perfectly normal.

There is nothing wrong with a fridge making a humming noise as that is what it is supposed to do.

The noise itself will be coming from a functional compressor inside the appliance. If the compressor is working as it should be, this humming noise is simply it doing its job.

You will want to hear this type of noise as it means the fridge is working properly and is likely cooling the food/beverages inside the right way.

A lot of people think the fridge should be silent but that is not the case.

A silent fridge is not a good thing and this type of humming is essential. It is something you will want to take a look at and consider when assessing how a fridge is doing in the kitchen.

2. No Noise Is Often A Bad Sign

Let’s assume you walk up to the fridge and realize it is not making noise.

What are you going to do then?

In general, this is a sign there is something wrong with the compressor or another component associated with this part of the fridge.

You will want to take a look at the compressor to see what is going on. In most cases, you will also notice the fridge won’t be cooling as it should be when there is no noise.

This is a sign that you will want to get started on a repair job.

3. Cleaning The Fridge Helps With The Noise

It is always recommended to clean the fridge when it comes to underlying noises.

You don’t want a situation where the fridge is unclean.

This is a real concern and it is something that starts to add up over time. You will begin to realize specific noises get louder as the fridge doesn’t get maintained.

You will also notice this with older fridges.

Don’t let this happen and always take the time to clean the fridge carefully. Setting a routine is a good way of doing this.

4. Excessive Noises Might Indicate Underlying Problem

If there is a situation where there are excessive noises (i.e. buzzing) coming from the fridge then this might also be a reason to inspect what is going on.

You will want to take a peek at where the noise is coming from.

Yes, it is good for a fridge to make a gentle humming sound but it should not be excessive. If it is too much, this will add up to the point where the component will break down or the fridge won’t cool any longer.

It is best to find the root cause and fix it as soon as you can.

Do not let this sound linger as it will only get worse with time.

Final Thoughts

Should I hear my refrigerator running?

A refrigerator should be making a gentle humming noise when it is fully functional. This is normal and it is simply the compressor doing its job in the background. If the fridge is silent, this is a cause for concern as the compressor might have broken down.

You will always want to keep tabs on the noises that are coming from the fridge.

A gentle humming is good but anything more than this might also be a sign that a component is beginning to break down. Look to keep tabs on this and ensure you are setting up a maintenance schedule to keep the fridge in good shape.

A lot of people don’t do this and that damages the fridge.

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