Should I Paint My Walls White Or Grey?

Choosing the right paint color for your walls is important. It will define the room’s aesthetic and how everything comes together. When making this choice, you will have to account for the room’s decor, layout, and current wall color. It is also important to ask, should I paint my walls white or grey?

It is best to paint your walls white as this is an evergreen color and will easily settle into the background. A grey wall requires a more purposeful change to the room’s decor and overall layout making it harder to maintain.

It is recommended to go through the different types of white to find what works best for your room.

Some prefer a dim white while others are going to go for a brighter variant. It comes down to preference and how the rest of the room looks.

Key factors include:

  • Lighting
  • Windows/Natural Light
  • Decor

Focus on all of these details when asking “Should I paint my walls white or grey?” because it is going to define the direction you end up going in.

It is easy to assume either color will work bu that is rarely the case. You will have to make a choice one way or the other!

This guide is going to dig deeper into the query “Should I paint my walls white or grey?” while also shedding light on the benefits of painting your walls white at home.

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Benefits of Painting Your Walls White at Home

1. Evergreen Choice

When it comes to choosing the right color, you will want to look towards white paint because it is evergreen.

Why go with a paint color that is going to age quickly?

This is never a problem with white color because it has been around for generations. It is something your grandparents, parents, and friends will be using in their homes.

This showcases why white is the way to go when you want to create a more spacious, easy-going environment inside your home.

The look will be good and it is going to be an easy fit.

Should I Paint My Walls White Or Grey

2. Easier to Repaint

Let’s assume you are asking “Should I paint my walls white or grey?” and are only thinking about the short term.

What about the long-term as the paint ages?

White or grey paint won’t look the same in two years as it does now. This means you are going to have to repaint certain areas from time to time.

This is normal!

However, you will want to go for a paint color that is easier to repaint, which is why you are going to enjoy something that is as good as white.

Repainting is required from time to time especially in busier homes, which is why white paint is the way to go as it is easier to repaint.

White is renowned for being easier to repaint.

You can take a coat of white paint and go over the troublesome spots without making a mess. It is something anyone can do as a DIY project.

Should I Paint My Walls White Or Grey

3. Creates a More Spacious Room

When asking “Should I paint my walls white or grey?”, you will also want to think about the amount of visual space that’s seen in your room.

For example, black walls tend to make a room smaller.

On the other hand, a white wall is going to open up the space and make it look just a little bit bigger. This has to do with how the light reflects off of the surface.

When it comes to spacing, white paint tends to create a more airy feel, which is good in tighter spaces.

If you want the room to look bigger than white paint is your best friend.

Painting your walls white is always the way to go because of this reason.

Related Questions

1. Are Grey Walls Going Out of Style?

Grey walls are not going out of style. They can be a wonderful option depending on the rest of the room and its layout.

2. What is the Most Popular Color for Interior Walls?

Based on recent trends, the paint colors white, grey, and beige continue to be the most popular option for interior walls.

Final Thoughts

Should I paint my walls white or grey?

In the end, it is always best to go with white paint because it is timeless, easy to repaint, and just opens up the room as soon as you are done.

A lot of other colors don’t do this making it harder to adjust to the change.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with grey paint but the benefits of white paint at home do stand out.

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