Should Range Hood Go To Ceiling? (Solved)

The range hood is an essential fixture in modern kitchens and can set the tone for a luxurious living experience.

Keeping this in mind, it’s still important to install the range hood properly. This includes knowing how high the range hood is going to be set up.

To do this, you will want to start by asking, should a range hood go to the ceiling?

A range hood should go to the ceiling. This helps create the illusion of a larger, more visually appealing kitchen space. It also optimizes the efficiency of the range hood and allows it to perform better.

If you have the choice, a range hood should go to the ceiling.

This will help it look better and is also going to provide a better gap between the range hood and the cooktop.

If you want to know whether or not a range hood should go to the ceiling, this article will provide a look at the benefits of doing this.

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Benefits Of Range Hood Going To The Ceiling

1. Visually Appealing

Installing the range hood to the ceiling is not just about performance.

Most property owners will want to ensure it’s a perfect fit, performs well, and does not break down quickly.

Yes, these requirements do factor into your decision but the range hood has an aesthetic impact on the kitchen too. You have to account for this when it comes to doing things the right way.

In general, installing the range hood to the ceiling is going to open up more visual space. This makes the entire kitchen look more appealing.

When you bring the range hood to a lower installation point, this creates a visual sight that is cramped or not as welcoming.

If the range hood is bulky, this can make things worse. Suddenly, everything about the kitchen is going to feel out of order and that is the last thing you want visually.

Pushing it higher to the ceiling is going to open up that space and make it seem like the range hood is in the perfect spot.

should range hood go to ceiling

2. Creates More Space

What is the one thing you are going to want when preparing a meal on the cooktop?

You will want as much space as possible.

There is nothing worse than cooking and then banging your head against the range hood. This happens a lot more than you think when it is installed at a lower installation point.

By having it pushed to the ceiling, you are immediately going to have more headspace while preparing a meal on the cooktop.

This is an underrated advantage.

You are also going to be opening up more space visually. This is due to the backsplash showing more and you creating a larger gap between the appliance and the range hood.

3. Increased Performance

Performance is going to matter.

The range hood is going to do a far better job when it is pressed against the ceiling and does not have an expansive gap.

This is due to the range hood being in the right spot to manage everything in the kitchen space as soon as it is turned on.

This becomes harder when you are attempting to run it from a lower installation point. Of course, this does not mean having a lower installation point is a dealbreaker, but it is not optimal.

should range hood go to ceiling

4. Gives a More Seamless Appearance

Having the range hood against the ceiling is great because it creates a more seamless appearance when you walk into the kitchen.

This is due to there being a lack of gap on both sides of the range hood.

When there is only a gap underneath between the range hood and cooktop, this is far more understandable than a secondary gap on top.

By having it closer to the ceiling, you are going to get past this unfortunate visual disadvantage that some property owners have to deal with.

If you have the chance to press it against the ceiling then that is the direction you should be going in.

Final Thoughts

Should a range hood go to the ceiling?

A range hood should always go to the ceiling. This helps open up more space between the cooktop and range hood, looks visually appealing, and lets the range hood perform better.

If you want to optimize how the range hood works in your kitchen then it’s time to start here.

This is a simple installation quirk that is going to ensure your range hood looks great and works even better.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple change such as this one.

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