Should Sheets Match Comforter? (Answered)

Learning how to choose bedding colors is not just about personal taste.

You will have to account for bedroom decor standards, what looks good, and how to make it all come together in a meaningful way.

To do this, you will want to ask, should sheets match the comforter?

The bedsheets do not have to match the comforter. Instead, it’s recommended to match the bedsheets with the pillowcases. For a comforter, it can be a different shade to add a bit of depth to the bed’s aesthetic.

If you take the time to match everything, it might look stale and unappealing.

This is why adding depth through different shades and colors works better. You are going to see great results by doing this and that is what matters the most.

This article will look at whether or not bedsheets should match the comforter and what to look for when choosing bedding colors.

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How To Match Bed Sheets To Comforter

1. Match Sheets With The Pillowcase

When figuring out how to coordinate bedding colors, you will want to focus on what to match.

In general, you do not have to match the comforter with the bedsheets. Instead, what you have to do is match the bedsheets with the pillowcases.

This is the type of balance that is going to look good as soon as someone lays eyes on the bed. When you try to match everything, nothing is going to stand out and that is uneventful. It won’t have the aesthetic appeal you require.

Take the time to match specific parts to create that balance.

This is why the bed sheets and pillowcases should match. For the comforter, you will want to look at choosing something that offsets these colors and looks great when combined with them.

should sheets match comforter

2. Go for a Different Shade

So, what do you do with the comforter to get it to look good?

The goal is to not go off track with the comforter. Instead, you are still going to account for the other elements such as the bed skirt, pillowcases, bedsheets, and anything else that is present on top of the bed.

In general, the goal is to go with a different shade of the same color. This creates a nice balance and will look the part.

However, you can also mix it up a bit.

For example, if you have black bedsheets + black pillowcases, you are welcome to go with a white comforter or vice versa. It’s a way to spice things up and get them to look good at the same time.

3. Choose the Right Size

The last tip is to make sure you are choosing the right size.

You don’t want to end up with a comforter that looks odd because it is too big or looks out of place. The same goes for when one of the elements is too small.

You have to get the sizing right before looking at the color coordination. This is the only way to ensure you don’t end up with something that has the right colors but looks odd because of the sizing!

should sheets match comforter

How Do I Match My Comforter?

To match your comforter, it’s best to choose a different shade from the bedsheet and pillowcases. It’s best to go with a shade that is slightly darker or lighter than the bedsheet. You can also go with a contrasting color such as a black comforter with white sheets.

You are not restricted when it comes to matching a comforter with the bedsheets.

With this part of the bedroom decor, it’s more about the overall balance and theme of the bed. This is how you are going to want the comforter to add its visual touch.

The same goes for when you are matching bedsheets with a duvet cover.

Final Thoughts

Should sheets match the comforter?

You do not have to match sheets with the comforter. In general, it’s recommended to match bedsheets with pillowcases. For the comforter, it’s better to choose a different shade or go with a good contrasting color such as black with white.

Do not go with the same color as the comforter because it will look odd. It is going to take away from the overall aesthetic of the bed and that is the last thing you are going to want.

Remember, the main purpose of choosing the bedding colors is to get it all to flow. This is why avoiding the same color for everything is the wrong way to go.

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