Should You Paint Popcorn Ceilings? (Solved)

Popcorn ceilings can begin to look unappealing after a while.

Lots of people struggle with this and it can leave you in a terrible situation. This includes not understanding how to spice up the popcorn ceiling to make it look nice.

So, what do you do then? Should you paint popcorn ceilings?

You should paint a popcorn ceiling using thick, water-based ceiling paint. This will hold the popcorn ceiling together without deteriorating its finish.

There is no reason to use lighter or brighter paint when it comes to the ceiling. In general, the ceiling has to settle into the background and look clean. This is why a flat finish is a better option.

When painting popcorn ceilings, you have to be careful and it all starts with the right type of paint.

This guide will explain how to paint popcorn ceilings and what to avoid doing during the process.

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How To Paint Popcorn Ceilings

1. Invest in Quality Ceiling Paint

When learning how to clean and paint popcorn ceilings, it’s important to know which type of paint to use for the popcorn ceiling.

This is a common mistake that’s made.

Don’t assume wall paint is going to get the job done. Instead, the paint is going to begin to ruin the ceiling and cause it to strip away.

Keep things simple and choose a thick, water-based ceiling paint for the job. It should have a flat finish for improved results.

Remember, the ceiling does not have to shine in the room. It is a complementary part of the room and completes the look. If the ceiling is a focal point, this can begin to take away from everything else including the lighting fixture, couches, sofas, and anything else in the space.

Look to use the flat finish paint for your popcorn ceiling and enjoy the results.

should you paint popcorn ceilings

2. Apply Two Coats of Paint

To apply paint to a popcorn ceiling, you will have to plan.

This includes using the right type of paint for popcorn ceilings and then focusing on applying two coats.

With two coats of paint, you are going to see much better results.

The paint is going to settle better and it is going to hold the popcorn ceiling in place. This goes a long way in letting the popcorn ceiling age the way you want it to. Otherwise, it will start to break down.

One coat of paint on the popcorn ceiling is just not enough.

It won’t settle and you will start to notice gaps in the finishing.

3. Don’t Use Standard Brush (Rollers Work Better)

What type of brush are you going to use?

You have to look to use a standard roller rather than a paintbrush. The bristles of a paintbrush are too abrasive for the popcorn ceiling.

it will begin to chip away at the popcorn ceiling causing pieces to fall off.

This is the last thing you are going to want to see happen!

Keep things simple and look to use a standard roller to apply two coats of paint. When you do this the right way, the finish is going to bring a smile to your face.

4. Don’t Press Hard

It’s easy to start pressing too hard.

You will want to make sure the paint gets through those gaps in the popcorn ceiling. However, there is no need to do this.

You can still apply paint into those gaps with two coats. This is why you have to apply two coats in the first place.

Don’t press hard and assume that is what will work best. The only thing that will happen is the popcorn ceiling will disintegrate in front of your eyes leading to massive damage.

How Can You Repaint A Popcorn Ceiling?

To repaint a popcorn ceiling, use a standard roller and apply thick, water-based ceiling paint. This will offer a flat finish that is ideal for any modern popcorn ceiling without damaging it.

Does Popcorn Ceiling Need To Be Painted?

A popcorn ceiling can and should be painted. This helps preserve its shape and structural integrity. To do it the right way, use a flat finish water-based paint that is thick and specialized for ceilings.

Final Thoughts

Should you paint popcorn ceilings?

You should paint popcorn ceilings to help retain their structural integrity. To do this, use thick, water-based ceiling paint. Make sure to apply two coats for a seamless and balanced finish.

This is how you are going to get the popcorn ceiling to look fresh and in line with your vision as a property owner.

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