Why Is The Shower Too Hot On The Coldest Setting? (How To Fix)

Walking into the shower doesn’t always work as promised.

If the shower handle is not functioning properly, the water temperature is going to be all over the place. This can create a situation where the shower is too hot on the coldest setting.

If the shower is too hot on the coldest setting, the most likely issue is a damaged or malfunctioning faucet cartridge. To fix the problem, shut off the water supply and unscrew the shower handle. This will reveal the damaged cartridge. Replace it with an equivalent cartridge to regain control of the water temperature.

If you don’t change the faucet cartridge, the problem will persist.

When there are shower water temperature problems, it’s often going to come down to the faucet cartridge or water heater.

This guide will explain how to fix a shower that’s too hot on the coldest setting.

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How To Fix Shower That’s Too Hot On The Coldest Setting

1. Turn Off The Water Supply

The first thing you are going to do is turn off the water supply.

This is to ensure you don’t spill water all over the place as soon as the shower handle comes off. This is a common concern as flooding in the bathroom is possible when you don’t turn off the water supply beforehand.

Avoid a problem such as that by first turning off the water supply and then draining the faucet. To do this, let the faucet run on open for at least a minute or two.

This will get rid of any excess water that is in the faucet.

Now you are ready to move on to the next step, which is to look at the faucet cartridge.

2. Unscrew The Shower Handle

To get to the cartridge, you have to unscrew the shower handle.

Each shower handle is unique when it comes to the unscrewing mechanism. For most handles, you can unscrew it from the center of the fixture.

In others, there will be screws running along the bottom of the handle. Unscrew them with the appropriate screwdriver to loosen the handle.

This should only take a few minutes to do.

3. Remove & Replace Cartridge

You are now going to have access to the faucet cartridge.

The main thing to look at when inspecting a cartridge is to see if it is worn down. Assuming the cartridge has not been changed for years, it is going to look damaged and/or decayed.

This is a sign that the cartridge has lost its shape and now has to be replaced. While manufacturers promise these cartridges can last a lifetime, this is not always the case.

With older cartridges, they do tend to give out after a while.

This is why it’s important to look at the cartridge before inspecting the water heater or any other element of the plumbing in your property.

If it is the cartridge that is the troublemaker, it’s time to replace it with an equivalent part. Do not get something that does not fit your specific model.

Tighten everything the way it was and put the shower handle back.

4. Test Warm Water

You are now going to turn on the water supply.

Test the warm water and then move on to the coldest setting gradually. See if you notice the transition in temperature between the different settings.

When you get to the coldest setting, it should be ice-cold water.

If not, it’s time to look at the water heater and/or piping. This might be the reason for cold water not coming through.

How Do You Fix A Shower That Is Too Hot Or Too Cold?

To fix a shower that is too hot or too cold, it’s important to inspect the faucet cartridge. This can cause the water temperature to be all over the place. To fix the issue, shut off the water supply, unscrew the shower handle, and replace the cartridge.

This will fix the issue in almost all cases.

It is also possible the shower handle itself has to be tightened. This can cause it to become loose and not work as engineered.

The screws running along the sides should be tightened with an appropriate screwdriver.

This should resolve the issue for good.

shower too hot on coldest setting

Why is My Shower Scalding Hot?

Your shower is scalding hot because the cartridge has broken down or become clogged. This can cause the water temperature to become erratic. To fix the issue, turn off the water supply, unscrew the handle, and remove the cartridge. Replace this with a brand-new cartridge and ensure everything is tightened properly.

This should help fix the hot water issue in the shower.

It’s also possible the setting near the water heater has to be changed. In some cases, the water heater can be set to scalding hot temperatures that are unsafe.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to consider if the shower is too hot on the coldest setting.

When the shower is too hot on the coldest setting, the most common issue has to do with the faucet cartridge. It can become worn down or damaged. To correct the problem, turn off the water supply, remove the shower handle, and take out the cartridge. If it is damaged, replace the part with an equivalent cartridge.

This should help fix the issue.

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