Is It Safe Sleeping On A Broken Box Spring? (Answered)

Box springs are a foundational part of beds.

If the box spring is damaged, it can harm everything associated with the bed including your sleeping experience.

This is why it’s important to focus on how smart it is to start sleeping on a broken box spring.

It is not recommended to sleep on a broken box spring. This is not only uncomfortable but can also harm the mattress due to the lack of functional support. The dips and/or bumps can hamper shock absorption making sleeping difficult.

Even if you have the best mattress in the world, it will begin to feel unstable on a broken box spring at home.

You have to be vigilant and continue to inspect the box spring while doing this. If it is going to break more, you will need to change the box spring as soon as possible.

It is not sustainable to use a broken box spring over the long haul.

Here is a look at some of the reasons to not start sleeping on a broken box spring.

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Reasons To Not Start Sleeping On A Broken Box Spring

1. Feels Uncomfortable Due To Dips And Lumps

Using a damaged box spring is a bad idea.

Most people assume it is more about the mattress and whether or not the box spring will cave inwards. Yes, that is an issue, but there is a lot more that goes into sleeping on a bed.

The box spring is responsible for how stable the mattress feels. This includes how the mattress’ benefits are maximized.

If the box spring is broken, the mattress will feel unstable and uncomfortable too.

This discomfort is due to the dips and lumps caused by the broken box spring. The surface isn’t straight anymore, which causes the mattress to bend in the wrong places.

You will notice those bumps and it becomes quite unbearable after a while.

sleeping on a broken box spring

2. Reduced Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is key when you are moving around on the mattress.

You don’t want to feel every inch of the foundation when you are resting on a soft surface such as a mattress.

This is why a stable surface such as a robust box spring is important. It ensures the mattress doesn’t slide, is set at the right height, and doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The decreased shock absorption makes it much harder to start sleeping on a broken box spring.

3. Decreased Stability

Stability is the first thing that starts to disappear when the box spring has been compromised structurally.

You will notice the mattress begin to feel uneven or unstable.

Why does this happen?

The box spring is supposed to be a flat, robust surface for the mattress to sit on. If this surface is compromised, the mattress also becomes unstable. You will notice everything including the bumps.

When you move on top, the mattress might start to slide or not feel right.

This is to be expected when the box spring is broken. With a damaged box spring, you will realize it is not as comfortable to rest on top for long hours.

sleeping on a broken box spring

4. Can Ruin The Mattress

Let’s assume you took the time to buy one of the best mattresses on the market right now.

Even if that is the case, a box spring that’s damaged will ruin everything. The mattress is going to feel odd, uncomfortable, and simply not as good as advertised.

You might assume it’s the mattress but it is going to be the box spring that’s giving you trouble. In situations such as these, it becomes doubly important to stabilize the box spring to extract value from your mattress.

Why Did My Box Spring Break?

A box spring can break when the springs become too loose or damaged. To fix this issue, the springs can be replaced. If the damage is extensive, it’s recommended to change the box spring before it ruins the mattress and your sleeping experience.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about with sleeping on a broken box spring.

It is not ideal to start sleeping on a broken box spring. This will feel uncomfortable due to the loosened springs and it can also harm the mattress. To fix the issue, replace the damaged springs or change the box spring immediately.

This is the only way to make sure your damaged box spring does not make it impossible to rest at night.

The box spring is an underrated part of the bed and has to be accounted for. Otherwise, you will find it hard to enjoy the mattress even if it’s the best one on the market.

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