23 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas For Your Space

When you are living in a small apartment, you are going to be cautious about wasting space and not using the living room furniture wisely.

We have all been in this spot and it’s not easy.

Does this mean it’s impossible?

No, you are going to have to get creative and take the time to understand how to optimize your small apartment living room properly.

Here are the best small apartment living room ideas.

Woven Rug In Small Living Room

A woven rug in a small living room is a neat idea.

The concept behind this is to use texture as a way to balance the space. This is going to add warmth to the living room and is also going to open up visual space.

It’s essential to choose a woven rug that suits the overall theme of the small living room in the apartment.


Ottomans work well in smaller living rooms.

They are aesthetically pleasing and offer ample storage. This can be useful if you want to place items inside the ottoman that are not going to be as easy to place in other parts of the living room or home.

These are sleek and come in various shapes allowing you to get one that fits.

Cozy Fireplace Mantle Decor

Do you have a fireplace?

If so, you are going to want to decorate the fireplace mantle. Allow this to become the centerpiece of the small living room.

It will help elevate the warmth of the space and ensure the theme shines through.

Printed Rug In Small Living Room

Printed rugs are wonderful because they add visual texture to the small living room right away.

This is due to how vibrant they are.

Look at something that pops a bit and is going to help shine a light on the flooring. This is due to allowing the living room to feel bigger when there is ample space to work with.

Neutral Small Living Room Decor

Neutral colors are all the rage.

There is a sense of simplicity and beauty behind them. You are going to want to recreate this by using airy colors that are vibrant but tranquil.

This includes whites and grays.

Keep them light and neutral.

Gold Marble Table

Marble tables are great and it’s common to see them in small living room setups.

The premise here is to go with a beautiful gold marble table as the centerpiece of the small living room decor.

This is going to allow the rest of the living room to work in line with the aesthetic. This is essential when it comes to going with a table that is beautiful and efficient.

Acrylic Coffee Table With Small Living Room

This is a unique one.

It is not for those who want to go for a more traditional aesthetic but it does work for those who prefer a sleeker decor idea.

This is one idea where the acrylic coffee table is going to set the tone.

It’s going to be crisp, unique, and vibrant.

Two Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are highly recommended in small living rooms.

You can help modernize the look of the living room using these and they do work wonders.

The idea here is to place them in a way where they can be used inside the smaller living room. If this means putting them in the corners then that is where they are going to have to go.

Persian Rug In Small Living Room

Persian rugs are not the first thing you are going to think of in a setting such as this but they do work wonders.

They are full of patterns.

This can add a bit of brightness to the space and warmth too. Don’t be afraid of this option because it will work well with the rest of the living room.

Trunk Coffee Table

Do you want more storage?

A trunk coffee table might be a good bet then.

This is a specific type of living room furniture that’s going to reveal storage space inside. This is useful for those who have accessories they want to put inside whether it’s from the living room or not.

Tall Floor Lamp

Want lighting in the living room?

A darker living room is going to appear to be smaller. Avoid this with the help of a gorgeous tall floor lamp.

The floor lamp is going to set the tone.

You are going to feel confident in how beautiful it is.

Small Living Room Using A Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is a major concern for those who want to go with a beautiful smaller living room idea.

This is good because it’s going to optimize the seating space inside the room. It will work along the edges of the space and open up more in the middle.

Look into this if you want as many seats in the living room as possible without wasting space.

Standing Mirror

A standing mirror is great if the goal is to open up visual space in the room.

It’s going to brighten the living room instantly.

This is due to the amount of light that’s going to push through and bounce off of it right away. Use this to your advantage and add it to the smaller living room as a way to beautify it.

Gallery Wall In Small Living Room

Gallery walls are underrated.

Do you want to personalize the living room?

You can put up family photos in these gallery wall frames. They look vibrant and are also going to add texture to the living room on the wall.

Console Table Close To The Couch

A console table is going to be a good option for those who want more storage space and a spot to put their decor items.

This is going to help beautify the living room.

You can also use the console table as a way to add something unique to the space. It’s going to look gorgeous and it’s going to work well with the rest of the furniture too.

Mounted TV With Storage Cabinet

Do you want to put a TV in the living room?

Some people are going to want to mount it on the wall and this can be useful. It’s going to eliminate the need to have it daunting over the rest of the living room on a TV stand.

This will open up visual space around the TV.

You can then set up a storage cabinet to add the accessories and also maximize the space under the TV.

Wall Shelves In Small Living Room

Wall shelves are gorgeous to look at.

They are great because you can decorate them as you want and personalize the overall setup in the living room.

They can also work well with a TV.

You can use the wall shelves on any of the walls and allow the rest of the living room to feel bigger and more lived in.

Cubed Organizer In Small Living Room

Storage space is always a requirement in a small living room.

This is why we recommend a cubed organizer.

This type of organizer is going to have small cubes that are going to be used to store accessories and/or other items that can fit inside. These are going to stay out of the way and look appealing too.

Tall Side Tables

Side tables can be used in situations such as these.

The premise here is to look at the type of side table you are adding to a small living room. We would look at ones that are taller and thinner.

These tend to be sleek and look good without taking up too much space.

Patterned Area Rug

A patterned area rug is never a bad idea.

These are gorgeous because they are going to have a life of their own. If you choose the right pattern, it’s going to give life to the other living room furniture too.

Look to find one that has some of the other colors in the room and then play off of this to create a visually appealing living room.

Entry Table Close To The Couch

Entry tables are not something you are often going to think about when it comes to a small living room.

We would take a look at adding it to the area around the couch.

This will add more storage area with the help of the entry table and it’s going to look elegant too.

Round Dining Table With Small Living Room

Do you need a dining spot near the small living room?

This can happen depending on the layout of the living room. In situations such as these, go with a round dining table that’s lower to the ground.

This will maintain more visual space and also provide enough space for the other living room furniture.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are powerful.

They look great and have a unique aesthetic to them that stands out. You can also use them as a way to create more decorative space in the living room that would otherwise not be there.