25 Ways To Maximize Your Space In Small Apartment

Small apartments are all about maximizing space.

A lot of people don’t do this and it can lead to significant struggles. You can end up blocking parts of the apartment and not get full value for what you are paying.

We often notice this with small apartment decor and it comes down to optimization.

We are going to show the best ways to maximize your space in a small apartment.

Use TV Stand With Storage

Where are you going to be putting the TV in the apartment?

A TV stand with storage is a powerful option.

You can hide the wiring from the TV and also all of the related accessories. This includes remotes, DVDs, and/or other items.

Above Bed Cabinets

Cabinets are useful in smaller apartments.

You are going to want to look at what’s above your bed. Putting cabinets above the bed can be useful because it’s going to look pretty and it’s going to offer additional storage space in the bedroom.

Take advantage of this when optimizing the space in your small apartment.

Use Thinner Furniture

Bulky furniture only looks good in large apartments or homes.

A smaller apartment should be looking at thinner furniture with thin legs. These are the types of furniture that are going to resonate with the vision of your apartment.

Anything else is just not going to cut it.

Use Slimmer Curtains

The right type of curtains in the apartment will make a real difference and should not be ignored.

It’s essential to consider using slimmer curtains because they are going to open up the space in your room.

Cube Organizer

Storage space is essential in an apartment.

We would look at getting a cube organizer.

This organizer is going to look appealing and is going to make it easier to store smaller accessories inside the cubes.

Use Baskets

Baskets are a great way to store towels or blankets.

These can be set up anywhere in the apartment and they are going to look aesthetically appealing. Those who want to avoid stuffing their closets with towels or blankets will want to invest in a new basket.

This basket is going to look nice and it’s going to work well in the apartment.

Mobile Desk

Most people are going to need a desk to work on.

It’s common for apartments to have bulky desks that take up too much space and look ungainly.

Avoid those types of desks!

We recommend going with a mobile desk as it’s going to be easy to use and then move away when you want to open up space.

Use Slim Hangers

The size of your hangers can often go unnoticed.

Bulky hangers will cause the clothing to flare out. The hangers are also going to take up more space when hung.

Instead of doing that, go with slim hangers.

These are going to take up less space allowing for more hangers to be hung and you should be able to fit more clothes too.

Use Shelves

Shelves are a powerful option because you are going to be using vertical space in the small apartment.

These wall shelves can be put anywhere.

We would look to put them in the bedroom because you are going to be able to store more items on the shelves and/or decorate the bedroom to optimize its theme.

Use A Rug

Rugs are a powerful option in smaller apartments.

The rug is going to add to the theme of the room.

You can go with a lighter color for it to open up more visual space in the room. It will also elevate the aesthetic of the room depending on where you put it.

Use A Tall Bathroom Cabinet

Your bathroom cabinet should be thin.

This is to make sure the rest of the bathroom in the apartment looks bigger. Otherwise, the first thing a person is going to notice will be the bathroom cabinet and it will be too bulky.

A taller, leaner bathroom cabinet is a must.

Use Ottoman

Ottomans in living rooms are good.

Ottomans work because they are comfortable and beautiful. You can choose the size based on what you need and it’s going to open up more space too.

This is often better than a traditional table.

Use The Walls

The walls are a good element in an apartment and should be used.

We would look at corner shelves for the wall.

These shelves are great because apartments are going to have little going on in some corners and it’s best to use those spaces to your advantage.

Bed With Storage

The space under your bed is often underutilized.

Most people are not going to use this space or will throw a few items under the bed that don’t stick out.

Instead of doing this, it’s better to buy a bed with storage underneath. You can then slide the drawers in and out to put items into the storage area.

This can include all types of items such as bed sheets, towels, clothes, and more.

Use Lighter Colors For Paint

Painting the walls is natural in an apartment.

However, the type of color you go with is going to matter. We would recommend going with a lighter color in a small apartment to open up visual space.

This is empowering because it’s going to look good and easy on the eyes.

Use A Towel Rack

A towel rack is a good idea.

This is going to work well because it’s going to keep the towels in one place and out of the way.

Otherwise, people end up tossing the towels around and not knowing where they are when they need them.

Use An Entry Table

Entry tables are underrated in apartments.

We would look into setting one up because it’s going to open up space at the front of the apartment as soon as you enter.

You can put accessories and/or other relevant items in there and keep them out of the way.

Remove The Clutter

Clutter is going to be your number one enemy in a small apartment.

You have to be sure about what you are doing with the clutter. This includes any room in the apartment.

Your goal should be to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible. For example, use a closet organizer to hang your accessories in the bedroom or look at a hanging organizer for items in the bathroom.

Use Shower Caddy

Too many people will toss their shower items on the floor of the shower.

This is silly.

It is neater and more sanitary to use a shower caddy to store those items in a small bathroom.

This is going to keep things neat and accessible in the bathroom.

Use A Round Mirror

Round mirrors in a small apartment are wonderful.

We recommend these mirrors because they are going to open up visual space and also add light to the small apartment.

It’s an easy install and affordable too.

Use Racks In The Bathroom

A good accessories rack is never a bad idea.

You are going to want to set up the rack near the shower or somewhere in the bathroom. This rack is going to hold key items including toilet paper.

Use A Shoe Cabinet

Where are your shoes going to be stored in the apartment?

We would look at using a shoe cabinet as soon as possible. The shoe cabinet is going to be wonderful and it’s going to clean up the clutter in your apartment instantly.

Don’t underrate the advantage of doing this.

Optimize The Under-Sink Space

Space under the sink is often misused or underutilized.

You are going to want to look at setting up a rack under the sink or a storage organizer to put your items in there.

A lot of these items tend to not be used properly because you toss them aside. Don’t do this and use that space.

Use A Console Table

Console tables are good in the living room.

They allow you to add a few accessories inside the console table while beautifying the space instantly.

This is a nice storage spot depending on the design of the console table.

Add Shelves Near The Entrance

Shelves are key but it’s important to place them in the right spot too.

One of those spots would be the entrance.

The entrance is where shelves can set the tone and also beautify the space.