19 Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas You Should Recreate

A small bathroom is going to be difficult for the average person to optimize.

You are going to wonder whether or not there’s enough space for you to get the most out of the bathroom. While this can be challenging, it is not impossible and it starts with the right small bathroom hacks.

We have taken the time to come up with the best small bathroom ideas for your home to make sure it turns out as required.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpapers can be great inside a small bathroom.

It’s going to give the bathroom a sense of elegance and sophistication that would otherwise be missing. When you walk into a smaller bathroom and notice wallpaper, it’s going to have more depth and presence to it.

This is going to make a difference in how you feel about the charm of the small bathroom and how it looks.

Small Plants On Shelves

Plants are a good addition to a bathroom.

You are going to be adding a fresher vibe to the bathroom and this is going to help make it look bigger. Just the overall vibe of the space is going to change with the inclusion of small plants on shelves.

We would avoid putting the plants on the ground.

You do want them on a rack or a shelf. This is how you are going to get greater value from the plants and they are going to turn out as you want them to.

Wooden Centerpiece

What is the centerpiece of the bathroom?

A smaller bathroom is going to have less space to work with. This creates a situation where you are going to end up with the toilet or sink being the centerpiece.

To avoid this, we would look at adding a wooden centerpiece to the room.

Elegant Signs

Putting up a simple sign on the wall is a great way to freshen up the small bathroom and get it to pop a bit.

We adore this type of sign because it’s elegant and clean.

It’s not going to be overwhelming and the sign is going to be a neat addition to the overall theme of the small bathroom. It’s going to have a more welcoming note to it and that is always nice, especially as you personalize the space.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a good option for those who want more space on the wall to work with.

You are going to be using vertical space in the small bathroom.

This is empowering because you are going to see more value with how the space is used and how it turns out as soon as you set things into motion.

Symmetrical Wall Art Decor

The wall art is something you are going to appreciate.

These details are always going to matter for those who enjoy being able to add a bit of personality to the small bathroom.

Choose wall art pieces that are elegant and are going to be tasteful for the bathroom. This is going to appeal to you and it’s going to resonate with your needs.


We like adding trays to smaller bathrooms because they can help decorate or organize the space depending on how you want to use the trays.

The tray itself is also going to be a decorative element for the space and should not be underestimated for the value it has to offer.

We love what the average tray brings to the space and it will be well worth it.

Ladder Rack

Have you taken the time to look into adding a new ladder rack to the bathroom moving forward?

This is such a charming way to enjoy the space that’s created by the ladder rack.

The ladder rack is going to focus on offering a spot for towels to hang on. Put them there and ensure things look clean.

Above-Toilet Shelves

What is going to be put above the toilet in the small bathroom?

We would take the time tofocus on adding shelves right above the toilet. This can be useful as you can decorate the shelves and use that vertical spacing for more value.

It is also a good way to set the tone for the smaller bathroom.

Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer is powerful in a smaller space.

We adore using these in closets but it’s also good to put one up on the bathroom door. You are going to have this set up in a way where accessories can be placed inside the hanging organizer.

It’s going to sit on the back of the door and you are going to feel confident in how it works.

Long Cupboard

A long cupboard is going to make a noteworthy difference when it comes to maximizing the setup.

Look into this and make sure you are finding a long cupboard that suits the theme of the small bathroom.

It should be compact and offer hidden space for accessories.

Rustic Bathroom Decor

The rustic aesthetic is always empowering.

We find this to be alluring and it’s going to allow you to add a bit of earthiness to the setup that’s going to last a long time.

There is a certain appeal to this type of bathroom decor, especially in a smaller bathroom. You are going to find it to be easier on the eyes and it’s going to look compact.

Cotton Centerpiece

A cotton centerpiece is going to be riveting.

We adore this type of centerpiece because it’s charming, easy on the eyes, and affordable.

You are not going to be splurging when it comes to this type of centerpiece. It’s going to be straight to the point and in line with what you require.

Mood Lighting

What type of lighting are you using in the small bathroom?

We would take the time to focus on beautiful mood lighting for a setup such as this one.

It’s going to allow you to brighten or warm up the space with nothing more than quality mood lighting.


A simple quote on the wall is always nice.

This quote is going to personalize the bathroom and also be a positive note for you to see when you are in the space.

Don’t underestimate the charm of this in the bathroom.

It’s going to make the bathroom feel more alive and charming compared to having bare walls.

Blue And White Bathroom Decor

The color scheme can often set the tone in a smaller bathroom.

We would take the time to go with this color combination because it’s airy and inviting. This is ideal for a place where you are going to be spending time during the day.

It should have that sense of cleanliness to it and that’s where these colors do well.

Retro Mirror

The type of mirror you are setting up in the small bathroom is going to play a role in how things turn out.

This is going to brighten the bathroom and make it more livelier.

We adore the retro mirror.

This mirror works well because it’s easy to look at and is going to offer the type of beauty that you are hoping for.

Corner Shelves

What about the corners in the bathroom?

You will want to make use of every inch in this space and that’s where the corner shelf is going to shine.

It’s going to allow you to decorate the corner of the bathroom. These floating shelves are a joy to look at.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a nice place to hold a few bathroom accessories and also decorate the space in a way that’s unique.

If you have enough space for a rolling cart, we would take the time to invest in one. It’s going to beautify the space instantly.