Should Small Bathroom Shower Have Curtain Or Door? (Solved)

Smaller bathrooms require a plan when choosing the fixtures.

Even something as simple as a shower curtain or door can make a difference. It can impact how much space is available inside the bathroom and how functional the shower is.

Due to this, you have to ask, should a small bathroom shower have a curtain or door?

A small bathroom shower should have a curtain. It is easily accessible from all angles, does not require space for a door to open, and will work with any type of bathroom. Shower doors require space and are far more costly than the average curtain.

For those on a tight budget, it simply does not make sense to splurge on a shower door. This is a luxury that is unnecessary and will not yield the results you want as a property owner.

To learn more, this article will compare a shower curtain and door for small bathrooms.

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Comparing Shower Curtain And Door For Small Bathroom

1. Space Efficiency

It all starts with the amount of space the fixture is going to take up.

In a small bathroom, every inch counts and you have to pay attention to how usable the solution is as soon as it’s set up. Just having a beautiful shower door is not going to cut it if the fixture takes up too much space.

This is an issue you are not going to have to deal with when it comes to shower curtains.

They can be opened from either end allowing you to enter the shower without trouble. On the other hand, a shower door will only swing one way, which makes it much harder to enter into.

This can restrict how you walk around in the bathroom.

To keep things simple, shower curtains are far more space-efficient and will work well for any type of small bathroom.

This is why most smaller bathrooms use curtains.

2. Layout of the Bathroom

How does the small bathroom look?

Where are the main fixtures in comparison to the tub? This can include the toilet, sink, towel bar, and anything else that is inside the bathroom.

You have to account for this.

The reason comes down to how restrictive a shower door can be once it opens. Even if you get a sliding shower door, the rest of the bathroom might become difficult to navigate when you attempt to slide the door open.

This type of concern is not seen with shower curtains.

You can push the curtains aside and walk right into the tub without missing a beat. This simplicity is a major plus point for using shower curtains in small bathrooms.

3. Accessibility

This is one of the more important details to think about.

You have to look at which fixture is far more accessible. Shower curtains are ideal because they are accessible from all angles and can work with any type of small bathroom.

You will know the shower curtains can not only be pushed aside but also lifted if that’s something you want to do.

This is ideal when it comes to showering in a small bathroom.

On the other hand, a shower door can become restrictive because you can only open it one way.

small bathroom shower curtain or door

4. Budget

This is a detail most people don’t think about but it does matter.

You will have a budget in mind and these two fixtures are different when it comes to the amount you’ll pay to set them up.

Shower curtains are quite affordable and will not take a lot to buy. You can even have a backup set if you want.

On the other hand, shower doors are expensive and the installation also costs a pretty penny.

These are details to keep in mind when you are figuring out which direction to go in. Sometimes, it is the cost that sways you one way or the other.

Final Thoughts

Should a small bathroom shower have a curtain or door?

A small bathroom should have a shower curtain. it is more space-efficient, easier to use in tight spaces, and will be affordable too. Shower doors take up space when open and are much harder to open when cramped for room.

It’s always better to install shower curtains in a small bathroom. If you change your mind later, you can always put the shower door in.

However, most people prefer clean shower curtains that can be swapped out in seconds. They simply work better in smaller bathrooms.

You will also want to give this a shot as you figure out which direction to go in.

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