7 Ways To Make Small Bedroom Feel Bigger (On A Budget!)

When a bedroom is not big enough, it becomes challenging to ensure everything is aesthetically appealing.

A lot of people struggle with this whether it’s a small bedroom in an apartment or a small bedroom in a house.

You will want to optimize everything and make sure every inch of the space is being used the right way.

To get this to happen, you are going to want to take the time to focus on making the small bedroom feel bigger.

Here are the main tips on how to make a small bedroom feel bigger on a budget.

Use A Tall Dresser

How tall is the dresser in the bedroom?

It’s best to look at the height of the dresser and go for something that’s tall. The reason you want to go with a taller dresser is because it will also be thinner.

This is going to reduce some of the bulk associated with the bedroom furniture and this is essential when it comes to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Low Headboard

What is the first thing most people are going to see when they enter a small bedroom?

You are going to see a low headboard and this can be challenging to deal with. You don’t want the headboard to take up too much optical space because it will get in the way.

It will make everything look overwhelming.

Don’t let this happen and go for a low profile headboard. This is going to be a headboard that is only two feet above the top of the mattress. It should also be thin.

This is how you are going to get the bedroom to look bigger.

In some cases, we have even seen people go with no headboards at all. This is going to come down to the aesthetic you are going for.

Keep The Shelves Tidy

Do you have shelves in the bedroom?

What about a dresser or a place where there are decorations? It’s best to take the time to keep the shelves tidy.

You are going to see much better results by doing this and the bedroom is going to start looking larger too.

Don’t underestimate how empowering this can be when it comes to your bedroom’s aesthetic and visual space.

It’s best to avoid going down this path and making sure you are aware of what you are doing.

Neutrals Create Space

Neutrals are empowering when it comes to creating more space in a small bedroom and should not be underrated.

This is a great strategy for opening up more space by losing lighter, neutral colors.

These colors are going to work well in creating space because they are going to blend with the rest of the room. You can use these colors for a wide array of parts in the room including the bed itself.

Don’t Overdo The Shelves

It’s great to have shelves in a bedroom.

There is nothing wrong with this, but you are also going to want to be vigilant when it comes to the number of shelves in the bedroom.

It’s better to look at not overdoing the shelves and keeping things as simple as possible.

This is going to ensure the bedroom looks clean and spacious. Anything else then this is going to make it seem like everything is about to fall on top of you when you enter the small bedroom!

Go For A Low Profile Bed

What type of bed are you going for and how tall is it?

It’s one thing to look at the nightstand and another to look at the bed itself.

You should be aiming for a simpler bed that is going to be lower profile when it comes to its bulk and height. It should be lower to the ground as that is going to make the room feel bigger.

You also don’t want it to be bulky. It should be slim and sleek.

Use A Thinner Nightstand

The nightstand is always going to play a role in setting the tone for a bedroom and should not be ignored.

You will want to look at going with a beautiful, thin nightstand that’s not going to take the eye away from the rest of the bedroom. It’s a subtle detail but one that’s going to matter when it comes to the nightstand’s aesthetic.

Don’t overlook this when it comes to doing things the right way and getting the nightstand to look good from all angles.