9 Small Living Room Hacks For More Space

It’s challenging to deal with a small living room in the apartment.

You will want to optimize space and ensure you are getting full value for each foot of space inside the room.

Since this is going to be a place where people sit and speak, you are also going to want to think about the positioning in this type of space and how things are going to be set up. Please do not ignore this when it comes to making the most of your small living room.

Here are the best small living room hacks for your tiny room.

Area Rug

It’s best to look at investing in a beautiful area rug.

You can choose the color based on the overall theme in the living room. For some, this is going to lead to a white rug that’s going to spread throughout the space while others might go for a Persian rug.

This is up to you.

The idea behind an area rug in a small living room comes down to defining the space within the home as the living room. This is often difficult when it’s one type of flooring from the entrance to the living room.

Wall Shelves

Shelves are great in smaller apartments.

The premise here is to look at adding shelves above the couch as a way to open up space in front.

You won’t have to use decorations in other areas and you can still create a theme with the wall shelves above the couch. This is a wonderful idea that works for those who have a small living room.

Round Mirror

What about adding a round mirror to the small living room?

This is a nice small living room hack because it’s going to work well with your needs. This is going to include being able to optimize how the mirror looks from all angles.

The round mirror is going to work well because the light is going to reflect off of it.

This is imperative as the room is going to get brighter and this is going to make it look larger too.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are underrated when it comes to storage in a small home.

This hack works because you are going to end up using these woven baskets as storage places for your blankets and/or accessories in the living room.

These are spacious and they will make sure all of the clutter in this part of the home is going to go away. This alone is a major benefit and it’s one of the reasons people like going with these baskets.

Cubed Storage

Cubed storage options are going to depend on the layout of the small living room in the home.

Is there enough space to set up the cubed storage without it looking out of place?

If yes, you should be considering this setup because it’s going to look gorgeous and you are also going to have ample space to put items inside the cubed storage too. It works well and offers a win-win situation for those who do want more space in the home.

Taller Sofas

Taller sofas with thin legs are the way to go.

These are essential because a small living room is already going to be cramped. If you add bulkier sofas to the living room, it’s going to look boxed in.

This is not a good look.

You want to invest in taller sofas that are easier to set up and are going to allow you to see the flooring underneath.


Ottomans are renowned for being great when it comes to opening up space.

This is due to the storage space within the ottoman.

Look at getting one that’s sleek and is still going to offer ample storage space within. This is how you are going to be able to put items inside and get rid of the clutter in the living room.

Plus, it is going to look aesthetically pleasing as it’s a trendier option that is going to work as soon as it is in place.

Console Table Behind The Couch

A console table is going to be a beautiful addition to a smaller living room.

This is going to work because it is ideal for adding decor items on top but also offering additional storage space inside the small living room.

You are going to find it easier to put items on the console table and still have the small living room look as good as you want it to.

This is what makes it such an appealing option.

Floor Lamp

The last option is going to be a floor lamp.

This is a great small living room hack because it’s easy to implement and you are going to feel confident in how things are going to be.

This is due to the floor lamp not only looking the part but also working well as a light fixture in the small living room. A brighter room is going to look bigger, so do take advantage of a nice floor lamp in the room.