19 Small Living Room Ideas With TV You Can Recreate

When you are putting together a beautiful small living room, it’s essential to understand the role of each element within that space.

It’s not about throwing things together and hoping for the best.

Instead, it starts with a thorough assessment of the amount of space in the living room and where the TV is going to be set up. Is it going to be mounted? Is it going to be on a TV stand?

These elements do matter and it’s best to start with that plan in hand.

Let’s take a look at good small living room ideas with a TV.

Bohemian Living Room With TV

This laidback, tranquil living room idea is all about using lighter tones to help accentuate the TV and where it’s set up in the small living room.

The eye is going to go to the TV.

This is natural in a smaller living space, but it’s essential to plan with a purpose. This includes using neutral, lighter tones for the living room furniture.

Round Table With Warm Living Room Decor

Setting up a round table in the living room is a good way to set the tone.

This is going to help reduce the edges in the space and help amplify the open spaces within the smaller living room.

Don’t underestimate how space can open up both physically and visually. It will make a difference with the help of a round table.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are all the rage these days.

They can help accentuate the living room and help bring attention to where the TV is set up. It does not have to be the wall that has the TV in front of it, but this is an option you are going to want to consider.

Accent walls look sleek and can be personalized based on what works for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with it to get the aesthetic you are going for.

Floating Shelves On The Wall

Shelf space is always useful when it comes to a smaller living room.

You will want to put decor elements on the shelves and sometimes this is the only space you are going to have to beautify the room.

Take advantage of this with the help of the floating shelves on the wall.

Wall Shelves Around The TV

Wall shelves around the TV are a neat small living room idea.

The premise here is to use the TV as a way to frame the wall shelves. These shelves are going to go around the TV and help beautify its aesthetic.

It is also a neat way to set the theme for the living room based on what’s put on the wall shelves.

Organic Living Room With TV

What is an organic living room with a TV?

The premise here is to look at using earthier or warmer tones throughout the living room. You are going to want to use colors that are going to feel cozy and welcoming as soon as a person looks at the small living room.

It’s also going to draw attention to the beautiful TV in the space and that cannot be ignored.

Jute Area Rug With TV

Jute area rugs are great because they are known for adding comfort to a room and also visually opening up space.

Don’t underestimate what can happen with an area rug.

It will also help add texture to the space, which is useful when it’s a tight part of the home. Look at adding the jute area rug to the living room with a TV and then using this as a way to craft a theme for the room.

TV And Dining Table In The Room

Depending on the layout of the home, you may be going to be looking at a setting where there are two elements at play.

This is going to include not only the small living room but also the dining space.

Where is the dining table going to go?

You will want to have things flow and that’s where this small living room idea comes into play. Look to have the dining table complement the living room and the TV.

Cozy Living Room With Ottoman

Ottomans work well in cozy living rooms.

They also offer storage space depending on the type of ottoman table you go with. These are aesthetically pleasing and work well for cozy living rooms.

You can look to go with one that suits the theme of the living room along with the necessary comfort you are going for.

Fireplace And TV In The Living Room

Do you have a fireplace in the living room?

This is a great benefit for those who do have a fireplace to work with. You can use the warmth of the fireplace to create a cozy environment for the TV.

Take advantage of this.

You are going to look to set the fireplace into place and make sure the TV is there as well. It should be done in a way where the fireplace is directed at those who are sitting watching TV for long periods.

Gallery Wall

Want to personalize the space a bit?

A gallery wall tends to work well for this. You can get a wall kit that is going to allow the frames to be balanced and symmetrical as soon as they are installed.

This can also ensure you can pick and choose what works for you in terms of the frames.

Go with a beautiful gallery wall to amplify the beauty of the space.

Persian Rug With TV

A good Persian rug is going to add a lot of comfort to a smaller living room and it’s common in various parts of the world to use this idea.

In a smaller living room, the Persian rug is going to flow freely and look welcoming. It will add warmth to the space and also accentuate the TV.

Contemporary TV Room

Sometimes, the goal is to go with a sleek living room that’s going to work well with the shape of the TV.

This includes the size of the TV too.

In this look, you are going for something that’s elegant but is going to remain efficient at the same time. This living room design idea emphasizes the placement of the TV and ensures it’s visually appealing.

Bookshelves With TV

Are you an avid reader?

Bookshelves can be your best friend in a small living room then.

The idea here is to set up bookshelves close to the TV to complete the look. This is going to work well as it will allow the aesthetic to flow better and the bookshelves are going to add more storage space to the area too.

Cubed Organizer With TV

Do you want more storage space?

The best option is going to be to add a cubed organizer with the TV. You can use this as a TV stand because it’s going to flow well with the aesthetic you’re going for.

This is essential when you want to put accessories into the cubed organizer and want to make sure it flows nicely.

Round Table With TV

A round table can work well depending on where the eating area is going to be in the home.

With a smaller living room, you will often have access to the eating space too.

This means you will want things to flow.

You can use a round table as a way to blend it with the rest of the living room. This is neat, efficient, and is going to look great too.

Standing Mirror With The TV

A standing mirror is a nice way to add a bit of brightness to a smaller living room.

Adding light to the room is going to make it appear bigger. It will add the type of aesthetic you want without having to make big changes.

More light in the space is going to allow you to get away with more including adding a bigger TV.

Wooden Decor With TV In Living Room

Wood tends to work well in these settings.

You want to go with thinner legs that are made of wood for the living room furniture. You also want to look at woody elements that are going to work well as decor elements in the living room.

These are going to gel well with the overall vibe of the small living room.

Rectangle Table With TV

A rectangular table with a TV is going to set the tone for a more contemporary but rugged living room.

It can work well in elongating the look of the space.

This will work well when it is a narrow living room.