21 Affordable Small Living Room Makeover Ideas

The living room is a place that is going to set the tone for the rest of the home.

It has to be planned appropriately to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and you can get the type of finish that’s going to resonate with you for a long time.

When this is the case, it’s time to start considering the best small living room makeover ideas to help elevate your space instantly.

Here are the best small living room makeover ideas to keep in mind.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are impressive and tend to work well for those who want to spice things up in the living room.

You can also use these baskets for storage purposes.

This is going to elevate the space and make it stand out more.

Wall Art

Wall art is great for those who want to personalize the space.

We would look at getting an abstract wall art piece because it’s not going to get in the way and it’s going to look gorgeous.

Take the time to focus on this when it comes to the overall beauty of the space and how it turns out.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for those who are thinking about upping their game when it comes to storing more items in the small living room without overdoing it.

These floating shelves are aesthetic and look great from all angles.

You will want to take advantage of this as soon as you can.

Ottoman Tables

Ottomans are great because you can easily place them in the living room and create storage space too.

These tables open up and act as a storage spot that’s easy to hide. It will declutter the living room and this alone makes it a great option to have up your sleeve.

Plus, it looks great too!

Use Rattan

Rattan is great because it’s appealing.

It is also sleek, which makes the living room appear bigger as soon as you walk in. This alone is why so many people like the idea of styling their living room with the help of rattan.

It simply looks the part.

Wooden Cabinets

Cabinets can play a nice role in the living room.

It’s about optimizing the placement of these cabinets and making sure they are made out of the right material. In this case, you would be looking at wooden cabinets that are going to stand out and look amazing.

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a must when it comes to something like this.

You want to consider colors that are not going to pop up as soon as you walk into the living room. They should be subdued and in the background to help showcase the rest of the living room.

Overbearing colors can be too much for a smaller room.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of those classic elements that tends to resonate with the smaller living room aesthetic.

We recommend looking at choosing the right type of wallpaper for a smaller living room. It’s going to look appealing and it is going to allow the rest of the space to open up too.

The best part about this option is you can vary the design based on the rest of the living room.

Taller Sofas

Look for taller sofas because they are going to be easier to show visual space underneath the fixture.

This adds depth to the room.

The taller legs are going to allow you to see more of the flooring and that’s going to either show more of the rug or the hardwood flooring underneath. Don’t underrate this type of change because it does matter.

Add a Ledge

Most people are not going to think about this, but a ledge is a great addition to a living room and is going to help it pop.

You are going to want to have a single ledge and this is going to be used to add decor items to the space.

If you dress it up nicely, it will add value to the room.

Cube Organizer

Organizers are great and it’s essential to think about your strategy when it comes to how you are storing items in the small living room.

This is a good makeover idea because it will create storage space too.

Plus, it’s not going to cost a lot!

Look at this as a sleek addition that’s going to appeal to you and look amazing from all angles.

Gallery Wall Kit

If you ever take a look at beautiful living rooms, you are going to notice personalized touches throughout the room.

This is going to vary based on what you prefer.

Gallery wall kits are great because you can pick and choose the design. This is going to include how the kit is set up. This is going to look amazing and is going to help elevate the small living room visually.

Area Rug

Area rugs are underrated when it comes to small living rooms and should be used to help add an extra layer to the space.

They can help highlight the various levels of the room rather than having the eye only go to the seating.

This helps open up space.

Always take the time to go with an area rug that’s stylish and is going to suit the nature of the space rather than attempting to force the look. This is when things end up going wrong and don’t work out.


Candles are great because you are going to be adding character to the space.

Most people only focus on the visuals.

The candles are going to give the space a smell and an airy smell is going to work well for opening up space through nothing more than a good scent.

Choose A Smaller Coffee Table

Coffee tables are unique because there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from including different materials.

We have talked about ottomans but it’s also possible to go with traditional coffee tables as long as they are on the smaller side.

This is going to help showcase more of the floor and make the living room appear bigger than it is.

Wall Murals

Instead of basic wall art, what about going with a wall mural?

Wall murals are unique because most people don’t do down this path. The premise is to have a single wall that’s going to be a canvas of sorts.

It’s going to add value to the space and a bit of character too. Plus, you can choose what the wall mural is all about.

Sleek Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of those options you are going to want to keep up your sleeve.

It’s an easy way to add a bit of depth to the living room.

You are going to want to play around with the colors to see which type of throw pillow is going to work well in the space. The right balance can add depth and also look great at the same time.

Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a newer option that can do wonders for a small living room.

It’s a good makeover idea because it’s simple, efficient, and is going to open up visual space at the same time.

You can then add blankets on top of the ladder and help it stand out as a decor piece.

Use An Accent Wall

Accent walls are great.

You can help pinpoint one wall that’s going to take center stage in the living room. This is going to help amplify its beauty and ensure it stands out.

It is also on trend right now and will look amazing.

Tall Plant

Adding greenery to a living room adds warmth and should be considered an option for those who want to optimize the space.

This is going to make it feel lived in.

You are going to want to consider getting a taller plant rather than a bulkier one. This is to make sure it does not become overwhelming in the space. You can also go with a fake plant if that works better for you.

These plants are quite easy on the eyes and you don’t have to care for them!

Wooden Stools

Wooden stools are empowering and tend to work well for those who want to mix things up a bit.

The idea here is to set up a small wooden stool in the space to make it seem bigger. If this is placed in the right spot, it’s going to look like a million bucks.