11 Key Small Space Living Essentials You Need

Small spaces demand attention to detail.

You can’t have a situation where you are not optimizing the space as that’s going to hold you back over the long term.

We believe it’s important to know the most important small space essentials to make the most of your home. It’s these little details that are going to make all the difference in the world.

Here are the best small space living essentials you will need to keep in mind.


One detail you are going to want to consider will be the use of hooks.

Hooks are great because they are easy to set up in smaller spaces and are going to open up new ways for you to hang items.

Instead of tossing things on the ground, you can use the hooks to hang them into place. It’s these little decluttering details in smaller spaces that are going to make a big difference in the way the home looks.

Ladder Rack

Most people are not going to realize the value of a ladder rack.

It’s going to open up new vertical space inside the room. In a small space, it’s something like this that’s going to make it a lot easier for you to hang towels and/or blankets depending on where it’s being set up.

Take the time to look into the right type of ladder rack and add it to your small space decor.

Pantry Organizer

Pantries can end up getting jammed with food.

It’s not good to be in this type of position and you are going to end up in a situation where the pantry is overflowing.

Not only is this frustrating but it’s also going to make it harder to find the items you are looking for when you open the pantry. To avoid this, we recommend getting a pantry organizer which is going to allow you to store items evenly.

This is going to ensure everything is stable and in a safe spot within the pantry.

Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are wonderful in the living room.

This works in a smaller space because you are going to have the chance to add a beautiful item to the room and you are also going to have the chance to store accessories or additional items inside the ottoman.

We find this to be useful as it is going to open up new storage space without making a mess.

Cube Organizer

This is a good organizer to look into.

This type of organizer is going to rely on making sure you have space within the room where you can store accessories and/or items that would otherwise get in the way.

This is a good option to have in any room where the cube organizer is going to fit.

It’s essential to look into this for a smaller space.

Foldable Laundry Basket

Is it common for clothes to fall onto the ground when you are in the room?

It’s best to make sure you are getting a laundry basket for the clothes. However, you also want to make sure it’s foldable to ensure it does not get in the way.

For smaller spaces, a foldable laundry basket is a neat idea and quite effective. We would recommend this for your room.

Woven Baskets

Baskets are going to come down to how beautiful they look as storage options in a smaller space.

For your home, we would take a look at woven baskets.

Woven baskets work because they are elegant to look at and are going to add to the aesthetic of a room. This includes whether or not they are being put in the main room or elsewhere in the small space.

Hanging Organizer

It is common for people to not have a lot of space in the closet.

This creates a situation where you are going to be jamming clothes into the closet and/or other items depending on what is inside the closet.

This is why a good option is to get a hanging organizer. You can get one of these for the pantry too depending on where you want to set it up.

This works because it’s going to open up vertical space inside the pantry.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are good for those who want to make sure they are putting ingredients and/or other similar items into organized spots within the pantry.

We find these to be quite useful for a small space.

You are going to get rid of the clutter in the pantry and the mason jars are going to look slick too. This is beneficial for those who are worried about wasting space in the pantry.

Round Mirror

What about using the right type of mirror in the home?

We would look at using a round mirror because it’s going to be sleek and it’s going to brighten the small space instantly.

This is a good option that is not going to cost a lot and it’s going to be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This is key for those who want to get the right type of mirror and want to avoid an unappealing situation.

You can also look at other shapes if you want to change things up.

Cable Holder

Are your cables all over the place?

Cable holders or ties are good.

These work well because they are not going to get in the way and you are going to organize the cables properly. It is also useful when it comes to organizing the cables and ensuring they are in the right spot.

Plus, the cables are going to stay safe, which is never a bad thing.