Smoking In Bathroom With Shower Running (Helpful Tips!)

It’s not always easy to smoke in a house with others around.

You may want to enjoy a good smoking session without having to worry about someone bothering you or getting in the way. It is also common for people to want to smoke while they are doing something as relaxing as showering.

Each situation is unique but it is important to learn more about how to start smoking in a bathroom with the shower running.

The best way to start smoking in a bathroom with the shower running is to turn on the shower to a reasonably hot temperature. Let it run for 5 minutes and then light the cigarette. Place the towel under the door and start smoking.

It’s a simple process that should take no longer than a few minutes to set up.

If you are someone that wants to smoke in the bathroom then you will want to implement this strategy.

Here is a look at a few tips on how to start smoking in a bathroom with the shower running.

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Tips For Smoking In Bathroom With Shower Running

1. Let The Steam Develop

Smoking in the bathroom requires attention to detail.

This means understanding the power of steam when it comes to covering strong odors. The moisture is going to help cut down on the impact of the smoke lingering in the bathroom once you’re done.

Take advantage of this to make sure you can smoke in the bathroom with the shower running. It will be a great way to cover the scent immediately.

How long should you wait before smoking in the bathroom?

It’s best to let the shower run for at least five minutes and then assess the steam in the bathroom. In general, it will take five minutes with hot water to start producing a good amount of steam.

This is what you will want to wait for as a smoker.

smoking in bathroom with shower running

2. Cover Bottom of Door With Towel

You will want to cover the bottom of the door with a towel when smoking.

What is the reason for doing this?

The idea is to help reduce the amount of smoke that is releasing into the rest of the house. You don’t want it to start smelling everywhere and that is only possible when you stop the smoke from getting out of the bathroom.

The best way to do this is to simply block the bottom of the bathroom door.

The biggest concern is smoking releasing through the doorway and a good towel will help stop this problem in its tracks.

Make sure the towel is covering the entire bathroom door at the bottom. The gap should not have any visible holes.

From this point, you can begin to start smoking.

Remember, you will want to leave the towel there until the smoke has been cleared out of the room. This means running the fan in the background too.

3. Open The Window (If Possible)

There are two options when it comes to smoking in a bathroom.

You will want to consider opening the window (if possible) as a way to get the smoke out. This is easy option for those who can do this easily.

It’s also possible to just turn on the bathroom fan when smoking. This will be effective and should be running even with a window available.

Most of the smoke will release out of the window if there is one available in the bathroom. Take advantage of it.

The fan will circulate the air in the bathroom and help make sure the smoke gets out before it spreads.

For most smokers in a bathroom, this is a key detail to remember.

smoking in bathroom with shower running

4. Leave The Shower Running After Smoking

You will want to leave the shower running after smoking.

The idea is to understand your options when it comes to clearing the smoke in the bathroom after smoking.

Don’t just walk out of the bathroom hoping it will clear out on its own. This is not the case nor should it be what’s on your mind!

You will want to leave the shower running after smoking for at least 2-3 minutes. This will let the steam simmer in the background while clearing out the smell of smoke.

Related Questions

1. If I Smoke In The Shower Will It Smell?

If you smoke in the shower, it will smell. It’s best to let the steam develop for 5-7 minutes before beginning the smoking session. This will help cover the odor in the bathroom. It’s also best to let the bathroom fan run while doing this.

2. Does Smoking Cigarettes In the Shower Hide The Smell?

Smoking cigarettes in the shower will hide the smell. You will want to let the shower run for 5-7 minutes and let the steam develop. When the steam develops, you can begin to smoke. This will cover the smell alongside a running bathroom fan and/or open window.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow when smoking in bathroom with shower running.

When smoking in a bathroom with the shower running, it’s important to cover the gap at the bottom of the door with a towel. This will help reduce the smell leaking into the rest of the house. You can also turn on the bathroom fan.

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