What Size Sofa Will Fit Through 30 Inch Door? (Solved)

Choosing a good sofa for your house is not just about aesthetics or comfort.

It’s also important to ensure the sofa will get through the door without needing to be dismantled. While some sofas now come in boxes (i.e. Ikea’s collection), it’s still important to consider sofas that are pre-assembled.

You will have to find a sofa that will fit through a 30-inch door.

A sofa that is 38″ (length) and 34″ (height) can fit through a 30-inch door. Anything larger than this will be a tight fit and most likely will tear or get jammed. It’s recommended to buy a sofa smaller than 38″x 34″ due to this reason.

If you want to go with a larger sofa then choose one that comes unassembled.

While it will take time to put the sofa together, you will get a larger one. This does matter to those who have a big room and can’t go with a small-sized sofa.

Here is a detailed look at what to consider when it comes to finding a sofa that will fit through a 30-inch door.

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How Do I Get My Couch Through A 30 Inch Door?

1. Remove Cushions

To move a couch through a 30-inch door, it’s important to remove the cushions and minimize the couch’s size.

By removing the cushions, you help minimize its width immediately.

While it might not be by a large amount, you can use every inch that you can get. For the most part, anything that is removable should be removed from the couch before pushing it through the 30-inch doorway.

If you don’t take the time to do this, the sofa is going to get wedged in the doorway or the cushions will begin tearing.

Both results are unwanted and should be avoided at all costs to preserve the couch and doorway.

2. Place Cardboard On The Floor

The next step is to place a cardboard on the floor where the doorway is.

The reason for doing this is to avoid damaging the floor while also creating a surface that allows the sofa to slide through easily.

You will need the cardboard to help drag the sofa through the doorway without having it wedged in the gap. This is a common mistake that is made because the friction of the flooring can create massive issues during the moving process.

Set up the cardboard and make sure it covers the entire space in that part of the property.

3. Measure the Width and Height of Doorway

The next step is to measure the width and height of the doorway.

In this example, it is going to be 30″ wide. This is now the measurement you are going to look at when moving the couch.

Measure the couch to see how wide and tall it is. This will help you pinpoint whether or not the sofa is going to get through the 30″ door without having to take it apart or move it in at an angle.

If it is wider by a few inches, you can tilt it at an angle to get it through the 30″ doorway.

sofa that will fit through 30 inch door

4. Remove Door (If Necessary)

The last step is to remove the door and its hinges.

This will create an inch of space that might be enough to squeeze the sofa through. Of course, this should only be done as a last resort and should not be the first thing you look into.

You should attempt to get it through the doorway without having to take anything apart but sometimes you are helpless.

In that case, do not fret and remove the door.

You can always put it back once you are done.

This will help clear out some space and make it easier to get the couch through to where it needs to be.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to think about when it comes to getting a couch through a 30-inch door.

To get a couch through a 30-inch door, it’s important to measure both the doorway and sofa. Once this is done, place cardboard on the floor and remove the cushions. Tilt the sofa at an angle and then slide it through the doorway. If it is smaller than 38″ (length) and 34″ (height), it should go through.

This is a simple process that has to be managed delicately. The more time you take with it, the better your results are going to be.

Remember, the goal is to not get it through by any means necessary! You do want to keep the door, floor, and sofa safe.

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