Can You Have A Stove Next to Doorway? (Answered)

The placement of a stove is just as important as its core functions.

If the stove is not in the right place, it’s not going to work as you want it to. This is a common concern people have and it becomes difficult to manage at the best of times.

It’s essential to find the right spot for your stove and then start using it.

The main question people ask is, can you have a stove next to the doorway?

You can legally have a stove next to the doorway. Building codes do not mention how close a stove has to be to the doorway. However, it’s not recommended to have an appliance such as this close to an entrance/exit due to fire safety.

It’s better to place a stove further away from the exit point in the kitchen. This ensures you can leave if a fire does break out for any reason.

This article will take a look at what to consider when it comes time to set up a stove in the kitchen.

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How Close Can A Stove Be To A Doorway?

There is no strict regulation for how close a stove can be to a doorway. It’s still recommended to maintain at least a 2-3 feet gap between the doorway and a stove. This is to prevent fire safety issues if something goes wrong.

In general, you should take safety precautions when it comes to the placement of a stove.

Having it in the wrong spot can be detrimental when attempting to leave the kitchen. Imagine a fire breaks out and you can only get out through the doorway.

If the fire comes from the stove, there has to be enough space to leave without getting burned.

This is why having it right next to a doorway is never safe.

It also doesn’t help with containing a fire that is caused by a damaged stove. You have to be aware of these things as the fire can spread to the next room if the stove is too close to a doorway.

stove next to doorway

Can A Stove Be Placed Next To A Wall?

A stove can be placed next to a wall. It’s recommended to maintain at least 12 inches of space between any sidewall and the stove. However, there are no limitations for how close the stove is to the back wall.

In general, you don’t want to have the stove cornered by a wall.

This is not good for its venting and it won’t keep the wall safe either.

This is why you are better off having the stove in a more central location. This ensures it is not only accessible but also safe to use throughout the day.

Can A Stove Be Next To A Cabinet?

You can place a stove next to a cabinet. The average stove does not emit heat from its sides meaning the cabinets will be safe. However, it’s always best to have the stove in a central location with no sidewalls nearby.

This helps keep the stove safe and functional.

If it is too cornered, the stove won’t work the way it is supposed to.

stove next to doorway

Can You Put A Stove In The Corner Of A Kitchen?

You should not put a stove in the corner of a kitchen. This creates a situation where the stove is now blocked from at least two sides. While the back wall is not an issue, it is not recommended to have a stove pressed up against a sidewall.

This is not ideal from a safety perspective.

You should look to have the stove in a more central location within the kitchen. This keeps both the stove and kitchen safe.

If you are placing the stove in the corner, it might become a fire hazard right away.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to consider when putting a stove next to the doorway.

It is safe to put a stove next to the doorway. Building codes are not strict when it comes to the placement of a stove in proximity to a doorway. However, it’s recommended to maintain at least a 2-3 feet gap. This is ideal for how the stove is used and how easy it is to manage a potential fire breakout.

You don’t want a situation where you are trapped in the kitchen with nowhere to go because the doorway is inaccessible.

Stay patient and make sure you are placing the stove in a place that is safe for everyone to use.

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