Can You Put The Stove Next To Wall Backsplash? (Answered)

Placing a stove in the kitchen is all about understanding what works and what doesn’t for your specific layout.

Some kitchens need the stove in the center, while others can have it closer to one side. It simply comes down to your kitchen and its needs.

This is why it’s important to ask questions such as – Can you put a stove next to the wall backsplash?

Yes, you can put a stove next to the wall backsplash. The backsplash can act as a safety mechanism to protect the wall itself from heat exposure. If a stove is to be put against the wall, this type of setup is recommended.

While most people will want to have the stove centered in the kitchen, this is an acceptable layout to have in your space.

Look at all options and if there’s nothing available to you then there’s nothing wrong with a stove next to the wall backsplash.

Here is a look at the factors to consider when it comes to putting a stove next to the wall backsplash and what to think about during the process.

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Can A Stove Go Beside A Wall?

A stove can go beside a wall. Freestanding ranges do not require spacing between the back of the appliance and a back wall. On the other hand, it is recommended to have a few inches of space between the stove and a sidewall.

It’s best to determine where you are setting up the stove and use this information to decide what works best.

In most cases, modern stoves do well when it comes to heat ventilation.

This ensures that the space around the stove does not become excessively hot. This needs to be the case if the stove will be pressed against a back wall.

If you have it against a sidewall, use a heat shield for protection.

This will take care of some of the issues associated with installing a stove next to a wall with a backsplash.

stove next to wall backsplash

Can You Put A Backsplash Just Behind Stove?

You can put a backsplash behind a stove. The materials will help protect the underlying wall from stains, heat, and/or anything else associated with the appliance. It’s recommended to choose a robust backsplash material that will look good and age gracefully.

The reason you can install a backsplash behind the stove is due to how modern appliances work.

The backsplash tile will manage the heat production from the back of a stove. This ensures you can press it against the wall without damaging anything.

Can You Put A Stove in A Corner?

You can put a stove in a corner but it’s recommended to have a few inches of gap between the two. This ensures the sidewall does not get exposed to a constant stream of heat from the appliance.

In most cases, modern stoves do well when it comes to heat retention and ventilation.

This means that even if it is close to a sidewall, the stove is not going to damage it excessively.

However, it is still important to not push things and make sure there is a heat shield in place and/or some form of protection (i.e. tiles). The goal is to ensure the heat does not damage the surface or cause it to break.

stove next to wall backsplash

How Do I Protect My Walls On The Stove?

To protect the walls near a stove, it’s best to set up a backsplash or tiled surface. These materials are far more heat-proof than traditional drywall. It’s common for backsplash tiles to be installed behind a stove for this reason.

When doing so, make sure the stove is in the right place and does not press tightly against a wall.

You want to leave a small gap to protect the wall from excess heat.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when putting a stove next to a wall backsplash.

You can put a stove next to a wall backsplash. This is a recommended setup as it offers ample heat protection and looks stylish too. In general, it’s still best to maintain a gap of a few inches between a stove and sidewall.

You will see far better results when this is done.

Most people have the stove in between cabinets to protect the sidewalls. You should do the same or use a heat shield for protection.

Otherwise, the heat from the stove will start to impact the sidewalls as time goes on. However, the back wall will be fine due to how the stove’s ventilation is set up.

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