Stove Top Gets Hot When Oven Is On (Explained)

When you turn on the oven, you may wonder when the stove top is starting to heat up. This is something that does happen depending on the model that you are using. It is important to figure out why the stove top gets hot when oven is on.

A stove top can get hot when the oven is on because the burner bowl gets turned around causing heat to push through to the bottom of the stove top. It’s important to realign the burner bowl so it continues to push heat outside the right rear burner.

This can happen if the oven has been used a lot.

Key factors include:

  • Location of the Vent
  • Placement of the Burner Bowl
  • Age of the Appliance

If a stove top gets hot when oven is on, you will want to take action immediately. Don’t let this continue as it might end up ruining the structural integrity of the stove top.

It should always release heat through the right rear burner as that is where it’s supposed to go. If it is continually going under the stove top, you will start to notice damage to the bottom of the appliance.

This can lead to expensive repairs that you are not going to want to foot the bill for!

This article will explain why a stove top gets hot when oven is on along with what to do about it.

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Reasons Why Stove Top Gets Hot When Oven Is On

1. Misaligned Burner Bowl

The most common cause for why a stove top gets hot when oven is on has to do with the burner bowl.

This is a specialized component of the oven and should always be situated properly. If it is moved around, it is going to end up pushing heat to the wrong places including to the bottom of the stove top.

This can happen when you are cleaning the oven and/or moving it around.

Take the time to make sure you assess where the burner bowl is and then have it redirected towards the right rear burner of the oven. This is where the heat should be ventilating. If it is not facing this direction, you are going to end up a situation where the stove top gets hot when oven is on.

stove top gets hot when oven is on

2. Damaged Vent

The vent can get damaged.

Some ovens are going to have a robust ventilation setup where the heat is going to be sent. This can include the burner bowl but also other relevant components associated with the appliance.

When these are damaged, the heat will start leaking all over the place.

It’s possible for the vent to get damaged and this can create issues with pushing the heat out. This can increase the stove top’s temperature dramatically.

You will become surprised but it is possible if a stove top gets hot when oven is on.

The damaged vent is going to ruin how the appliance works and that is fundamental to how it stays cool when heating food.

When the heat is going all over the place, you are going to have an issue involving the stove top getting hot when it’s off.

stove top gets hot when oven is on

3. Excessive Heat Production

This is rare but it is possible depending on the age of the appliance.

Let’s assume you are using an older oven. This is when it might start overdoing how much heat is being produced when it’s turned on even when you tell it to sit at a lower temperature.

This is something that will cause excessive heat to be produced, which will then filter to the stove top.

Ovens produce a considerable amount of heat and this can start to leak through to the stove top.

You have to regulate the vents and make sure the appliance is working as intended.

If the heating sensor is off, it might get to the point where the heat is out of control. You will want to get a professional to take a look at the components to see what is causing this to occur.

Related Questions

1. Should Ovens Get Hot On The Outside?

Yes, it is common for a oven to get hot from the outside. This includes the top of the appliance and sometimes the sides. Only the handle will remain fairly cool to the touch.

2. Should Oven Heat Come From Top?

Yes, in most cases hot air will rise, which causes the heat to come from the top of the appliance. However, modern ovens do redirect the heat depending on where the vent is located. This can include smart bursts to the bottom of the appliance.

Final Thoughts

This is why a stove top gets hot when oven is on.

Take the time to see where the burner bowl is set up and whether or not it needs to be tweaked. Just moving it to the right spot should fix the problem unless it’s broken.

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