How To Clean Streaks Inside Double Pane Windows (Solved)

Double pane windows can offer a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing element to contemporary homes.

These windows not only look good but can also have a presence, which amplifies everything the house stands for.

However, things are not always perfect. This includes dealing with streaks inside of double pane windows.

You can’t clean streaks inside double pane windows. There’s no access to the gap between the panes unless it’s removed. However, most streaks are on the outside of the window. To clean these window streaks, use a hanger and wrap any clean cloth around it. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto the cloth and then slide it along the double pane glass. Press against the window to clean it thoroughly.

This process can take a few minutes to complete but will get rid of any streaks, fogging, or distortion on the double pane window.

Your goal should be to make sure the rubbing alcohol has time to settle as you press against the window. Once it does settle, the streaks will go away.

Here is more on how to clean streaks on double pane windows and what not to do during the process.

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Steps To Clean Streaks On Double Pane Windows

1. Find a Hanger

The first step is to find a robust hanger.

Most people will go with a simple plastic or wired hanger. There is nothing wrong with these and they will work well for the task.

Just make sure the hanger is not damaged.

A damaged hanger can scratch the window and lead to additional concerns. This is why it’s better to look for a new hanger that is untouched. It will ensure the cleaning process is as smooth as you want it to be.

streaks inside double pane windows

2. Wrap Clean Cloth Around The Hanger

Once you have the hanger in hand, it’s time to look at prepping it for the cleaning process.

To do this, you will need a soft surface to help control the hanger. To do this, you are going to wrap a clean cloth around the hanger.

This will ensure the cloth making contact with the glass is as soft as it needs to be. Look to use a new, clean cloth as that will ensure you don’t see new streaks pop up on the window.

A rough cloth will not do a good job and could make things messier.

3. Pour Few Drops Of Rubbing Alcohol Onto Cloth

Once the cloth is tightly wrapped around the hanger, you will want to pour a cleaning solution on top of the cloth.

In this case, you will want to use rubbing alcohol for the best results.

You won’t need a lot and there is no reason to drench the hanger using rubbing alcohol. Instead, just pour a few drops on the cloth and let it soak in.

streaks inside double pane windows

4. Clean The Surface

The goal is to clean the surface once the hanger is ready to go.

Just let the hanger settle in as you press it against the double pane window. The hanger and cloth combination should do the rest for you.

Look to work in smaller sections of the window and continue to press it against the streaks. This will cause the streaks to disappear one by one.

How long is this process going to take?

It should not take a long time and most people can be done within 5-10 minutes depending on how quick you are.

Can You Clean Inside Double Pane Windows?

You cannot clean inside double pane windows since there’s no viable access unless the window is removed. The best way to clean a double pane window is to maintain its surface using a cleaning solution or a hanger wrapped in cloth.

if the surface is clean, it becomes a lot easier to manage the inside of the double pane window.

For everything else, the double pane window needs to be removed.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about if you want to clean streaks inside double pane windows at home.

You cannot clean streaks inside double pane windows. The windowpane is not accessible from the inside making it impossible to clean. The only option is to clean the streaks on the surface of the double pane window using a hanger, cloth, and rubbing alcohol.

This is the best option to preserve the double pane window’s look.

If you set a schedule, it is quite easy to maintain double pane windows. The rubbing alcohol will do a good job of getting rid of surface-level streaks.

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