24 Elegant Studio Apartment Ideas On A Budget For You

Studio apartments are beautiful but it’s important to prepare for how you’re going to set them up.

A lot of people are going to make mistakes and/or splurge when it comes to studio apartment decor ideas.

It does not have to be this way!

Instead, you are going to want to take a peek at the best studio apartment decor ideas on a budget in this guide.

Pouf Ottoman

Ottomans are a good option because they are trendy and sleek.

In a studio apartment, you are going to want to maximize space and this is one option that will elevate everything.

A pouf ottoman is comfortable and offers a breath of fresh air to the interior design of this type of apartment.


A bookshelf is a good option for those who love reading.

You will want the books to be accessible and this is one way to make it a part of the living room decor.

Set up the bookshelf and ensure it stands out as soon as it’s set up. This is where the studio apartment’s beauty is going to work in your favor.

The bookshelf is going to look impressive from all angles.

Standing Ladder Rack

Ever thought about setting up a ladder rack?

A ladder rack is great.

The ladder rack is going to be set up in the room and is going to allow for different decor ideas to be set up on it. Other people will look at hanging blankets and/or other items on the ladder rack.

Rectangle Tray

What are you going to put on the table as soon as it is in place?

One option is going to be a decorative rectangle tray. This tray does not have to be rectangular but this is one of the more common options people go with in studio apartments.

In the tray, you can put decor items based on the rest of the theme.

Low-Profile Coffee Table

A coffee table is great as long as it’s the right one.

The best option here is to go with a low-profile coffee table. This type of coffee table is going to work well because it’s not going to block anything in front of it.

Instead, it’s going to act as a part of the theme and work beautifully.

Warm Accent Colors

Choosing the right colors for a living room will make a real difference.

In studio apartments, the colors are going to set the tone. You should not be going with something that will look out of place or is going to reduce the visual space in the room.

It’s best to consider warmer accent colors such as the ones shown here.

Wooden Accent Wall

Accent walls are a good option to spice up a room.

You are going to have a wide array of designs to choose from and they are going to be made from beautiful wood panels.

These panels are going to look impressive from all angles and will help elevate the room’s aesthetic immediately. Focus on this and go with a beautiful wooden accent wall that will stand out.

Floating Shelves

Want to add a bit of storage space in the room?

Floating shelves are a great way of doing this for smaller decor items and will not get in the way visually.

This is ideal for those who want to make the most of vertical space in the room. These floating shelves are going to get the job done and then some.

Gray & White Decor

The color scheme in the living room is going to matter a lot.

You want to go with something airy and loose. If that’s what you want, the tranquility of gray and white decor is hard to beat.

You can play around with the way these colors are used. The overall vibe of the room is going to shine through.

Large Wall Art

Wall art is integral to how the room is being set up.

You will want to take the time to focus on the wall art and how it’s being established. This includes taking the time to find a frame that will work well.

You want a larger wall art frame that’s going to be beautiful from all angles and is going to look clean.


Want to make the most of the seating in this part of the studio apartment?

A good sectional is going to be a great option.

With this type of setup, you are going to be focused on making sure the sectional offers enough seating space for the rest of the room to be usable. Don’t forget this when doing things the right way.

Gallery Wall

A good gallery wall is going to be essential when you want to figure out how to get things right.

Sometimes, the wrong approach to the gallery wall is going to let you down.

A gallery wall is gorgeous because it’s easy to personalize. This is essential for those who want to put up their family photos in the studio apartment and make it a part of the decorative aesthetic.

Cubed Organizer

A cubed organizer is underrated in the living room.

It’s a great option because it can be used nicely as a storage option. You are going to put accessories inside the organizer and know it’s going to work out as you want it to.

This helps provide balance to the rest of the room and it is also going to declutter the studio apartment.

Console Table Behind The Couch

A console table is one of the biggest concerns a person is going to have when it comes to how things are being set up.

We recommend looking at a beautiful console table that can be placed behind the couch.

This is going to make sure you are going to have space on top of the console table and make it a part of the living room decor immediately.

Tall Side Table

A good side table is welcome in a living room.

For a studio apartment, we would take the time to look at going with a taller side table. This is going to be useful because a tall side table is going to get the job done instantly.

You will know it’s going to elevate how the living room looks and it is not going to take up too much space.

Curved Floor Lamp

Do you want to brighten the living room in the studio apartment?

One option we would take the time to look at would be a curved floor lamp. This is nice because it’s not going to take up a lot of space and it’s going to offer a tremendous amount of light instantly.

This is valuable for those who have darker studio apartments.

Round Coffee Table

What type of coffee table is going to be put in the living room?

We would focus on going with a round coffee table. This works well because it’s going to reduce some of the sharper edges in the room and will help make it calmer.

Don’t underestimate how a round coffee table is going to impact the room. It will beautify it immediately.

Bohemian Living Room Decor

The overall theme in the living room is going to matter.

For those who want to go with something laidback and casual, it’s time to look at the beauty of the bohemian living room decor in a studio apartment.

This is going to be stunning and is going to impress instantly.

Printed Rug

Don’t forget about the flooring when it comes to a studio apartment.

We always take the time to look at what’s going to be put on the floor. In this case, you are going to look at a beautiful patterned printed rug.

This is going to work well with the rest of the living room. Good area rugs will always add value to a living space.

Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers should be considered if there are doors nearby.

These organizers are neat and are going to offer more space to put items inside. This is ideal for a closet if you have one nearby.

We would take a look at making sure you are decluttering the studio apartment with the help of the hanging organizer.

Woven Basket

A woven basket is going to be a beautiful addition to the studio apartment and is going to work like a charm.

These baskets are all the rage these days.

They are elegant and sophisticated without looking out of place. For those who want more storage space, we would take the time to go with a woven basket. After all, it’s a basket and is going to work well in storing blankets and/or other items.

Thin Accent Chair

An accent chair can be a good option.

This is going to help liven the studio apartment along with being a new seating option in the room.

Look into this when you want to add more seating.

The accent seat will add a bit of flair to the space and look amazing.

Dark Decor

While we have talked about airy living room decor, what if you want to go in the opposite direction in the living room?

You can do this with a darker decor.

This does work as it can open up space depending on how the darker colors are used. Play around with them and find what works for your studio apartment.

Standing Mirror

A standing mirror is a nice option for those who want to add a bit of light to the studio apartment and help elevate its aesthetic.

This element does work well.

It’s an affordable idea that is not going to get in the way.