The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping In One Room! (Fixed)

One of the more common scenarios in houses is when the circuit breaker trips. However, this is often associated with the entire property rather than specific rooms.

It can be interesting to see a situation where the circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room.

If a circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room, this means the circuit linked to that part of the property is overloaded. To fix the issue, reduce the load on the circuit breaker by disconnecting one or more of the appliances, and then reset the circuit breaker.

If you do not take the time to adjust how many appliances are synced to the circuit breaker, the damage will be extensive.

It’s best to get on top of this before the entire circuit is damaged and an electrician has to be called to fix the issue.

This article will demonstrate more about dealing with a situation where the circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room.

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How To Fix Circuit Breaker That Keeps Tripping In One Room

1. Find The Circuit Breaker

If a circuit breaker trips in one room, you will want to start by inspecting the circuit breaker to see what’s going on.

In most cases, the reason is going to be overloading.

However, you will still want to walk to the circuit breaker in the property to see whether or not it has tripped. This will be seen by the tabs being moved to one side for that specific room as labeled.

Read the label and make sure it links with that particular room on the property. If so, you will know you are on the right track.

circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room

2. Reduce Load On The Circuit In The Room

Now, you will go back to the room.

When a circuit breaker has tripped in one room, you will know overloading is the most common issue.

This is why it’s best to look at all of the appliances and/or devices linked to the electrical circuit from this room. Are there big appliances that are overloading the circuit and drawing too much power?

This is possible in kitchens when the wrong outlet has been used to connect the stove or the fridge.

Disconnect the appliances that are tripping the circuit breaker in one room.

You will need to find a separate way to connect the appliance to the circuit. The current setup will not work and is going to continue creating similar issues.

3. Reset The Circuit Breaker

You will now want to reset the circuit breaker.

The goal is to go back to the breaker box and look at the tab that has been tripped. You will notice it immediately.

It will likely be labeled for that particular room.

You are going to reset the tab and push it back into place like the other tabs in the breaker box.

Be careful while doing this.

You will want to make sure the tab is back into place and works the way you want it to. Don’t rush this step and ensure the power is on in the room.

circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room

4. Re-Check The Electrical Power In The Room

The last step is to go back to the room to check whether or not the appliances are working as required.

You should test each appliance and/or device that is connected to the circuit at this moment. The goal is to ensure the appliances and devices are functioning as they are supposed to.

You will also want to figure out what to do with the appliances that have been disconnected.

You can put them in another room (if possible) or use a stronger outlet to manage the situation. Each scenario is unique, so you will have to draw up a plan that is not going to overload the circuit.

Final Thoughts

These are the best ways for managing a circuit breaker that keeps tripping in one room.

If a circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room, this means there is overloading in that specific part of the property. To fix the issue, inspect the circuit breaker, reduce the load by disconnecting appliances in the room, reset the circuit breaker tab, and check whether or not the appliances are working.

If you are good to go, the power should be just like it is in other parts of the property.

Do not rush the process and always take your time disconnecting the appliances and/or devices that are synced to the circuit in that room.

It is good to have an issue like this constrained to one room. It will save you a lot of time as you can quickly figure out where the problem lies.

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