The Toilet Fill Tube Keeps Running! (Fixed)

It can be concerning when the toilet starts leaking and water is where it’s not supposed to be.

You will want to find out what the root cause is and nip the problem in the bud. This is a common concern when a toilet fill tube keeps running when it shouldn’t.

If a toilet fill tube keeps running, this is likely due to an overfilled toilet tank. To fix the issue, find the float, adjust its height, and ensure the water level is lowered. This will ensure the toilet fill tube stops running.

If the water level is too high in the toilet tank, this problem will persist.

If you are worried about water leaking throughout the bathroom, you will want to shut off the water valve until the problem is resolved.

For the most part, adjusting the height of the toilet float should get the job done.

Here is a breakdown of what you need to do if the toilet fill tube keeps running.

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How To Fix Toilet Fill Tube That Keeps Running

1. Locate The Toilet Float

If the toilet overflow tube is running, you will have to locate the float.

The main reason a toilet fill tube overflows has to do with too much water in the tank. If you lift the lid on the tank, you are going to notice the water level sitting much higher than it should.

This is an immediate sign that a change is required.

While looking inside the tank, you are going to notice the float sitting to one side. This is designed to help regulate the water level in the tank whether it’s up or down.

You have to make sure it is in the sweet spot for the toilet to remain functional. If it’s too low, the flushing power is going to go down. If it’s too high, you will end up with the problem you’re facing right now.

toilet fill tube keeps running

2. Adjust The Float’s Height

When you do find the toilet float, it’s time to adjust the float’s height.

The ball float is going to be easy to adjust. There will be a mechanism to one side that is going to push the float down.

You can also bring it up if necessary.

In your case, you will want to adjust the float lower to reduce the water level in the toilet tank.

Continue to adjust the ball float until it is set to a more reasonable height. As the water level goes down, the toilet fill tube is going to stop running.

3. Check The Fill Tube For Damage

Have you taken the time to check the fill tube for damage?

A damaged toilet fill tube is a legitimate concern to keep track of. It could be the number one reason for water leaking everywhere.

Look for cracks in the tube where the water is coming from.

The fill tube is connected to the overflow tube and the fill valve. You will want to inspect it from one end to the other to see what’s going on.

If it is damaged then it’s time to replace the fill tube immediately.

toilet fill tube keeps running

4. Replace The Fill Tube (If Necessary)

If you have a damaged fill tube, it has to be replaced.

To do this, shut off the water going to the toilet by turning the valve. You are then going to drain the toilet and make sure it is empty.

When you do this, you will want to unscrew the fill tube and take it out. Make sure this is done carefully without damaging the overflow tube or the fill valve.

Always make sure you are going with the right type of fill tube. You don’t want to use something that is going to ruin the surrounding components or cause a major leak.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to fix a toilet fill tube that keeps running.

If a toilet fill tube keeps running, it is likely due to too much water in the tank. To fix the issue, remove the toilet tank’s lid, check the water level, push the float down, and adjust the water level. This should ensure the toilet fill tube does not run anymore.

It is important to take your time while adjusting the ball float.

You don’t want to have it pushed too far down as that will lead to the flushing power going down. Be patient and make sure things are done carefully.

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