Can You Tile Over Drywall?

Installing tiles over drywall can be a challenging proposition.

Most people assume it’s a task that’s impossible to complete because drywall can be flimsy. This is an essential detail to think about but it is incorrect.

You can safely tile over drywall as long as it’s not exposed to moisture. If there’s excess moisture or water near the tile, it will leak through the tile and lead to unwanted damage. Due to this, it’s recommended to avoid putting tile over drywall in the bathroom.

A lot of people worry about where they’re installing the tiles in their homes.

It’s best to take a step back and assess the structural integrity of the drywall. This will shed light on your options and what needs to happen next when it comes to the installation phase.

This article will look at installing tile over drywall and whether or not it’s safe.

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Where Can You Tile Over Drywall?

1. Living Rooms

Living rooms can accept tiles.

It’s common for certain features to be tiled in this part of the house. Living rooms and/or family rooms will provide enough space and moisture-free areas to make sure the tiles will remain steady once installed.

This is why adding tiles in a living room is fine. You can easily install the tile over drywall and know the design is going to hold.

tile over drywall

2. Bedrooms

If you want to add tiles to a bedroom then this might be a good way to do so.

The drywall is not going to hinder the installation as long as the temperature is appropriately controlled throughout the year.

This will ensure moisture doesn’t seep through and cause damage. This is why bedrooms work well for installing tiles over drywall.

You will not have to worry about underlying damage because it’s rare for moisture to spread to this part of the house. If the tiles are installed properly, they are going to age gracefully.

3. General Rooms

Most rooms around the house can welcome tiles.

It is only specific parts of the home such as a bathroom or sauna room that should not include tiles over drywall. This is due to the amount of moisture that’s present in these rooms.

Any other room will be fine.

This includes any den or other traditional living space within a property. You can easily install tiles over drywall without compromising the room or the wall itself. This provides peace of mind to those who want to make sure the results are in line with what they want.

Why Can’t You Tile Over Drywall In Wet Spaces?

1. Pests

Can you tile over drywall in the shower?

The main issue has to do with mold but pests can also become troublesome. You will start to accumulate and welcome pests underneath the tile due to the amount of moisture that’s present in the gaps.

It’s important to install the tiles properly and avoid putting them in wet spaces due to this reason.

If there is too much water underneath the tile, it will start to welcome pests. They will make this part of the house their home and become quite difficult to remove.

2. Mold

Mold is a serious concern and one of the main reasons to not install tile over drywall in the bathroom.

It simply won’t be a good idea.

The amount of moisture that’s present in the bathroom tends to be quite high. This leads to a situation where the tile doesn’t settle on the drywall and it doesn’t age well.

This also includes the amount of mold that pops up in the bathroom due to the tiles. You have to make sure the installation is done properly and that doesn’t include setting tiles over drywall in the bathroom.

tile over drywall

3. General Water Damage

It’s important to understand that general water damage is also a concern.

You don’t want a situation where too much water is spreading underneath the tile because it will cause everything to break down.

This is a real concern and something you have to account for as a homeowner. If water starts to seep through the tile, it will get to the point where everything begins breaking apart.

You have to be careful when it comes to this as that is the only way to feel confident about what you are doing.

Final Thoughts

These are the main details to focus on when considering installing tile over drywall.

Installing tile over drywall is safe as long as it is not included in a moisture-ridden space. This can include a sauna room or bathroom. Too much moisture will loosen the tiles and lead to severe issues including mold or pests.

It’s best to look to add tiles in other parts of the house to avoid issues involving the tiles settling.

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