What Should You Do If The Toilet Flange Is Too High? (Solved)

Dealing with a wobbly toilet is frustrating and structurally unsafe.

This can become a serious cause for concern if it is not addressed as soon as possible. If you notice the toilet flange is too high, it’s important to go through a set of steps as listed in this guide to make sure you correct the issue immediately.

If a toilet flange is too high, attach a pipe cutter bit to the drill and use it to cut into the drain. Now, push the toilet flange into the hole and make sure it’s flush with the floor. Vacuum the debris and re-check to make sure there’s no gap.

This will take care of the issue and make sure the toilet doesn’t wobble because the toilet flange is too high.

This can happen at times when the pipe is not installed properly, which makes it difficult for the toilet flange to sit flush against the floor.

By cutting into it using a PVC pipe cutter bit, it is a lot easier to dig into the piping and make sure the toilet flange sits where it is supposed to in the drain.

This guide will offer a complete step-by-step breakdown of what you have to do if the toilet flange is too high in your bathroom.

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How To Fix A Toilet Flange That’s Too High

1. Remove The Toilet

When learning how to lower a toilet flange, you will want to start with the basics.

This includes flushing the water out of the toilet and making sure the main water supply to the bathroom is closed.

You don’t want water leaking everywhere when you remove the toilet from the drain.

It’s important to go through these steps to ensure you are safe and protecting the toilet from damage.

2. Attach PVC Pipe Cutter Bit To Your Drill

You are now going to attach a PVC pipe cutter bit to the end of your drill.

The idea is to have enough power and leverage to cut into the drain pipe that is running underneath the toilet.

This is essential as it is the root cause for your toilet flange sitting too high.

When you drill into the pipe, you will begin to create more space for the toilet flange to sit flush against the floor as intended.

Continue to drill in a circular motion to make sure all ends are equal.

The pipe is going to be circular, so you have to account for all of its sides equally. This is essential or the toilet flange is still going to be uneven.

3. Drill Into The Pipe Until There’s Space For The Flange

Should a toilet flange sit flush with the floor?

Yes, the toilet flange should sit flush with the floor and that is why it’s important to drill into the pipe if it’s uneven.

Otherwise, the toilet is going to be wobbly as soon as it is set into place.

Your goal with the drill bit is to cut into the drain pipe to create room. Once there is room for the toilet flange, you can press it into the drain hole.

toilet flange too high

4. Press Flange Flush Against The Floor

You are now going to take the toilet flange and press it straight into the hole.

Remember, when doing this, you have to ensure it is flush against the floor and does not budge when you move it around.

This includes making sure the flange is set up without sticking out from one end or the other.

Your best strategy is to make sure you are paying attention to any air pockets that develop when you press the toilet flange down.

It should be crisp, even, and neat.

To make sure that is the case, take a vacuum cleaner and remove the debris that is present by pressing down on the toilet flange.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if a toilet flange is too high in your bathroom.

If a toilet flange is too high, it’s best to remove the toilet, turn off the water supply, and drill into the drain pipe using a PVC pipe cutter bit. The idea is to create enough space for the toilet flange to sit flush on the floor once set up.

Be careful while doing this and make sure to drill in a circular motion.

Once you are done, you will have more space for the toilet flange to settle in. This goes a long way when it comes to making sure the toilet flange is not too high and the toilet doesn’t wobble once it’s re-installed.

You have to be deliberate with this step and make sure you clean up the debris that’s leftover too.

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