The Toilet Flushes But The Waste Comes Back! (Fixed)

It can be frustrating when you are dealing with a situation where the toilet does not flush as required.

This includes when you are relieving yourself and want to flush right away.

One of the more common problems people face with their toilet is a toilet that flushes but the waste comes back.

If a toilet flushes but the waste comes back, this means it is clogged whether it’s in the bowl or deeper in the drain. To fix the issue, use a drain snake or plunger, push inside, and attempt to unclog the toilet.

In most cases, the plunger will be enough to do the job. Just thrusting it 4-5 times quickly will ensure the clogged spot opens up.

However, if it is difficult to flush the toilet after using the plunger, you will need to use a drain snake. This is the best way to go deeper into the drain because a bowl clog is not always the main issue. It can be deeper.

Look at using the drain snake to push into the drain to unclog it.

This guide will explain more about how to unclog a toilet when the waste keeps coming back after flushing.

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How To Unclog Toilet That Flushes But The Waste Comes Back

1. Use A Plunger Or Drain Snake

If you flush the toilet and the poop comes back, it’s time to fix the clog.

This clog might be right at the entrance of the drain, which means it’s a bowl clog. However, it can also be deeper if the flush pushes the fecal matter into the drain only for it to get clogged later.

This is why the waste continues to come back even as you flush the toilet repeatedly.

Your best option here is to use a plunge.

Start with a plunger to see if the clog loosens. If not, you are going to have to go with the more robust drain snake.

toilet flushes but waste comes back

2. Push Deeper Into The Toilet Bowl

Whenever you are using a plunger or drain snake, you have to push deeper into the bowl.

With a plunger, you are going to want to aim for the hole and make sure you are creating the necessary suction to create upward force. This is the only way you are going to loosen the clogged waste in the toilet.

If the clogged waste is deeper in the drain then you have to push the drain snake into the hole and continue until you hit the clogged spot.

3. Pull Upwards Rapidly

When you have hit the right spot, you are going to pull upwards.

You have to do this rapidly whether it’s with a plunger that has suction or a drain snake. This is the only way to unclog a toilet when the waste comes back.

If you don’t pull upwards rapidly, you are not going to unclog the toilet. It will continue to push waste back into the toilet when you flush.

You can also test after attempting the suction process. The goal is to see if the waste has become dislodged.

toilet flushes but waste comes back

4. Flush The Toilet Again

Let’s assume you have used the plunger or drain snake to unclog the toilet when the waste comes back.

This means you are sure it is unclogged.

If you are, you will want to flush the toilet to see how it does. In most cases, the toilet bowl is going to fill up the way it should and nothing is going to come back.

If the water doesn’t fill properly or the waste comes back, continue to follow the steps listed in this guide. Eventually, you are going to remove the clog and the waste will go deeper into the drain for good.

Be patient during this process because sometimes the clogged waste is a lot deeper than you think.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if a toilet flushes but the waste comes back.

If a toilet flushes but the waste comes back, this means the toilet is clogged near the entrance of the drain or deeper inside. Use a plunger or drain snake by pushing deeper into the drain, pulling upwards, and then flushing again. This should unclog the toilet after a few tries.

Remember, you have to be patient and continue to work through the steps in this guide. It is the best way to unclog the toilet that has waste in it.

If you take your time with this, the toilet is going to unclog as required.

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