My Toilet Tank Leans Forward! (Fixed)

A toilet is supposed to remain upright when it is installed.

This becomes doubly important when the toilet is connected to the water line and there is water entering the tank.

If not, this can create an issue with the toilet’s performance and will also increase the risk of water damage in that part of the property. Keeping this in mind, you will want to find out why the toilet tank leans forward.

A toilet tank leans forward when the attachment bolts are too loose. In most cases, a slightly leaning toilet tank is not a big deal and will not impact performance. To fix the issue, tighten and re-align the attachment bolts. This will straighten the tank.

Remember, if the toilet tank is leaning forward, it should not impede your ability to sit on the fixture.

This is when things don’t work the way you want them to.

If it is not impeding your ability to use the toilet then a tank leaning forward is not a big deal. If you do want to fix a toilet tank that leans forward, use the tips mentioned in this guide.

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Steps To Follow If The Toilet Tank Leans Forward

1. Inspect The Attachment Bolts

A toilet tank that is not level will be annoying.

Remember, for the most part, an uneven toilet tank will not ruin the fixture’s performance. It will continue to work just the way it would if things were misaligned.

This is why it is not as important to look at ways to tighten the toilet tank if it is slightly leaning forward. However, this does not mean you are going to want to leave it as-is.

You will want to correct it, especially if you are noticing the leaning part.

So, how do you do this?

You will want to look to find the attachment bolts. These are the bolts that are going to hold the toilet tank in place. If they are too loose, you will have the toilet tank lean forward slightly.

toilet tank leans forward

2. Re-Align & Straighten The Toilet Tank

Before tightening the attachment bolts for a toilet tank that is leaning forward, you want to re-align the tank.

This can be done by pushing it back to its required position.

You will want to hold it in this position as you begin to work on the attachment bolts. If you don’t do this, the toilet tank is going to go back to how it was before you applied a bit of force.

3. Tighten The Attachment Bolts

If a toilet tank is tilting forward, you will want to begin working on the attachment bolts.

The attachment bolts are likely too loose at this point.

You will want to hold the toilet tank straight and then tighten the bolts one by one. This will make sure it remains in that new position as soon as the job is done.

It is these attachment bolts that are going to hold the toilet tank, so working on them is a top priority.

The more you work on this, the better your results are going to be.

toilet tank leans forward

4. Test The Toilet

You will want to test the toilet.

This is a common mistake that is made by people. You don’t take the time to test the toilet and then it begins to lean forward as soon as someone uses the fixture.

The best way to test the toilet is to press against it and see if it moves. It should not budge once the attachment bolts have been tightened.

This includes when you sit on the toilet seat.

Try to apply pressure on the tank while doing so. This includes leaning back on the tank. This will let you see whether or not it moves.

A functional and well-installed toilet tank is not going to budge.

Final Thoughts

These are all of the steps you need to think about if a toilet tank leans forward.

If a toilet tank leans forward, this is not a problem that will impact the fixture’s performance. It will still work as planned. To fix the issue, find the attachment bolts, re-align the tank, and then tighten these bolts until the tank doesn’t budge.

This will fix the issue and make sure the toilet tank is as straight as you want it to be.

In most cases, this is nothing more than an aesthetic issue. You are not going to like the idea of the toilet tank leaning forward when you walk into the bathroom. It will look off and that is fine.

Make the simple adjustment and the toilet tank will work the way you want it to.

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