How To Fix Too Much Humidity In Refrigerator (Step-By-Step)

Excess humidity in the fridge can be difficult to manage.

Everything becomes moist and it’s not ideal for the refrigerator as time goes on. You will have to fix the issue as soon as you can.

To do this, you need to know how to fix too much humidity in a refrigerator.

There can be too much humidity in a refrigerator due to a blocked air vent, weakened door seal, and/or excessive opening of the door. To fix the issue, open the fridge door fewer times each day, clean the air vent, and check the door seal.

In most cases, moisture in the fridge happens due to a damaged air vent.

If you take the time to clean it thoroughly, the air will flow as it is supposed to. This should help take care of the underlying problem instantly.

Here is more on how to fix too much humidity in a refrigerator.

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Steps To Fix Too Much Humidity In Refrigerator

1. Check The Air Vent

When learning how to remove moisture from a fridge, you have to start with the air vent.

This is responsible for pushing cool air into the fridge and any obstructions can cause the air vent to stop functioning as it should.

Due to this, the humidity begins to ramp up with excess moisture everywhere.

To find out how to lower humidity in a refrigerator, you have to inspect the air vent for debris or damage.

If there is debris, it’s time to clean it using a cloth or brush.

The goal is to make sure air is getting through the way it needs to. Until this happens, the moisture level in the refrigerator is going to continue to ramp up.

too much humidity in refrigerator

2. Clean and Unclog The Air Vent

Moisture in the refrigerator has to be removed by unclogging the air vent.

You can do this by taking the time to see what type of damage has been done to this component in the fridge.

For example, is it unclean and has debris on its surface? If so, you can take a cloth and/or brush to wipe away the debris.

If there is something inside the air vent, you might have to remove it to get the debris out. This will vary depending on the situation.

When you unclog the air vent in a fridge, it will allow the air to flow freely. You will notice a difference right away.

3. Inspect The Door Seal

Humidity in a fridge is concerning and one of the reasons can have to do with a broken door seal.

The door seal is responsible for keeping the cooling in and ensuring the fridge runs as efficiently as possible.

If there is a hole in the seal or it has been broken, the issues can start to ramp up. This includes excess moisture in the fridge.

Your best solution in a situation such as this is to inspect the door seal and replace it if there’s noticeable damage.

Otherwise, the moisture is going to continue to be a problem.

4. Stop Opening The Door Frequently

You will have to also adjust how you use a fridge during the day.

For example, are you a family that continues to leave the door open for 10-15 minutes at a time?

This can happen when you have loads of people in the house or you recklessly use the fridge when preparing a meal.

The goal should be to quickly take what you want out of the fridge and close the door. This includes when you are pouring milk into a glass.

Don’t do your tasks with the fridge door open. Make it a habit to close the fridge door as soon as you take out the item you need.

It’s these little things that do add extra moisture to a fridge.

too much humidity in refrigerator

Why Is Everything In My Fridge Sweating?

Everything in a fridge can start sweating when there’s extra moisture inside. This happens when the air vent is dirty, the door seal is broken, and/or the fridge door has been left open for long periods.

You can fix this issue by checking the door seal and air vent to see if they are damaged.

This will ensure the fridge stops sweating and you can keep the food in good condition for as long as you need.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow if you have too much humidity in a refrigerator.

If there is too much humidity in a refrigerator, the main causes can include a damaged door seal, dirty air vent, and/or excessive use of the fridge door. To fix the issue, stop leaving the fridge door open all the time, replace the door seal, and clean the air vent using a cloth.

This will ensure the problem goes away for good as the air flows nicely from one part of the fridge to the next.

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