Why Is The Tub Drain On The Wrong Side? (Solved)

The tub drain is an essential part of the bathroom’s plumbing.

If it’s not in the right spot, this can ruin how water flows from the spout to the drain.

In some cases, the tub drain can be on the wrong side. This is why it’s important to figure out why the tub drain is on the wrong side and whether or not it’s safe.

A tub drain on the wrong side is common and depends on the tub’s slope. If water flows naturally to the drain in its existing spot then there’s nothing wrong with having it in that specific location.

Your goal is to look at what is in front of you with the tub.

Is it going to work the way a tub drain is supposed to or are you going to have standing water all the time?

This guide is going to focus on what you have to look at when assessing a tub drain on the wrong side.

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Reasons Tub Drain Is On The Wrong Side

1. Installed With Slope In Mind

Your main focus has to be on the internal slope.

This means how the tub’s slope is set up and whether or not it’s in line with the drain.

A well-functioning drain is always located at the end of a slope. This means the water runs from the spout, down the slope, and into the drain.

You will have to assess the tub to see if that’s the case with your drain. Don’t immediately assume it’s on the wrong side and that means it is incorrectly situated!

In many situations, the drain is put there because of how the tub is sloped. It makes more sense to have it on the “wrong” side of the bathtub.

Keep this in mind when assessing the tub drain.

tub drain on wrong side

2. Optimizes The Drainage System

You will also want to focus on the drainage system.

This means where the pipes are running in your bathroom and how they sync with the other fixtures in this part of the house.

This includes the sink and toilet.

There are times when having the tub drain on that end of the tub has more to do with optimizing the drainage system. This includes getting the water to go down into the drain and through the plumbing safely.

If the property has gone through multiple inspections then likely this was the reason for it being put there.

3. Can Reduce Clogging In Specific Situations

A common concern that has to be kept in mind is clogging.

A drain that clogs too much will become impossible to maintain. The standing water is going to become a real problem and that is just a few of the problems that arise with such a fixture.

As a result, the tub drain may be on the other side because it keeps the water flowing.

This means it does not get clogged and/or debris doesn’t sit on the tub because it comes back up.

You have to be careful about this as that is a real concern people deal with all the time.

tub drain on wrong side

4. Easier To Manage Debris

The debris is one of the biggest troublemakers when it comes to how a tub drain is set up.

You can’t have a situation where the debris is all over the place and leaving a mess. This is one of the biggest concerns a person has to deal with.

Make sure the tub drain pushes the debris down and nothing is left standing in the middle of the tub. This is often linked with the slope of the tub too.

Which Side Should Bathtub Drain Be On?

The bathtub drain can be on any side as long as it’s at the end of the slope. This ensures the water flows from the spout, down the slope, and into the drain.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons your tub drain on the wrong side.

A tub drain on the wrong side can still be functional if it’s at the end of a slope. This means water flows out of the faucet, down the slope, and into the drain. Additional reasons include its position based on the rest of the drainage and protection from clogging.

It’s always best to assess your specific tub drain before judging its location. Sometimes, the location makes a lot of sense and is in the right spot as it should be.

Don’t automatically assume it’s in the wrong spot. That might be untrue.

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