Tub Spout Won’t Screw On! (Solved)

Dealing with a tub spout involves understanding how to put it into place.

This might seem easy with a brand-new tub spout but won’t be the case when the spout has started aging. This can push the spout to the point where it breaks down and does not function as it should.

You will have to figure out how to fix the issue if the tub spout won’t screw on.

If a tub spout won’t screw on, the most common reason is the threading has become damaged. To fix the issue, run a fingernail counter-clockwise to feel where the thread is uneven, use a file to rework the thread, and try to screw the spout back on.

It will take a bit of trial and error during this part of the process.

In some cases, the thread will be damaged to the point of no return. This means the only solution is to find an effective replacement for the part.

This guide will showcase what you should do if the tub spout won’t screw on and what to use during the process. This is essential if the goal is to repair a tub spout that won’t screw into place.

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Steps To Follow If The Tub Spout Won’t Screw On

1. Run Fingernail Counter-Clockwise On The Thread

When looking to screw on a tub spout, it’s important to pay attention to the thread. This is often where the problem lies.

As you attempt to screw the part on, it will refuse to tighten.

This is a sign there is something wrong with the shape of the tub spout or the threading. It is time to look at the threading in detail when this occurs.

What are you going to be looking for?

You are going to be on the hunt for any signs of waywardness or unevenness in the thread.

To do this, take a fingernail and begin running it along the thread counter-clockwise. This will allow you to feel for potential uneven spots in the thread.

tub spout won't screw on

2. Use File To Rework The Thread

Let’s assume you notice an uneven spot or two on the thread.

Now, it is time to take out a tiny file and begin filing down the part that is uneven or sticking out. You will have to be rigorous during this process to make sure everything is filed down as it needs to be.

This will take a bit of work but it will be worth it.

Your goal is to keep running the fingernail back over the spot until it feels in line with the rest of the thread.

3. Re-Install The Tub Spout

When you are sure the tub spout can be screwed on again, it is time to set it into place.

You will want to make sure it will tighten before using the tub spout.

Otherwise, it is possible that water is going to start spraying everywhere and that will leave quite a mess in the bathroom.

Always take the time to tighten the tub spout and double-check to make sure it is securely in place.

Be careful during this step and always make sure you are putting in the effort to re-test the thread during this process.

tub spout won't screw on

4. Use Pipe Die To Clean The Thread (If Necessary)

This is a step that is not mandatory.

You will want to use pipe die if there is excessive damage to the thread. Sometimes, all you are going to need is a bit of die to help with the thread.

This is going to clean the thread and give it a bit of grip when it is screwed on.

The pipe die is going to work like a charm when it comes to this step. It will cleanse the thread and make sure the tub spout screws on easily.

You will enjoy the results that come along with what you are getting.

Final Thoughts

These steps will help if a tub spout won’t screw on.

If a tub spout won’t screw on, the most likely reason has to do with a worn-down thread. The best way to fix this is to use a pipe die to clean the thread, run your fingernail counter-clockwise to find uneven spots on the thread, and then file those spots down.

Once you are sure everything is even, it is time to re-install the tub spout.

It should go in easily once you have worked on the thread. The process itself can take a bit of time but there is nothing wrong with the process as soon as you begin. You will enjoy the process and how it all works out.

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