How To Set Up Two Ground Wires On A Light Fixture (Step-By-Step)

When setting up a light fixture, it’s common to have more than one ground wire.

This comes down to how the light fixture is set up and how the current passes through. Keeping this in mind, you have to figure out how to set up two ground wires on a light fixture safely.

To set up two ground wires on a light fixture, start by connecting the first ground wire to the green ground screw. Now use a connector to link both ground wires to each other. This will create a perfect circuit that allows the current to go through safely.

Each light fixture is different and the layout is going to vary.

Your goal should be to use a connector to link the two ground wires. The circuit is only going to work when all of the ground wires are interlinked. This can be the case whether there are two or four ground wires.

This article will explain what you have to do in greater detail including what your approach should be during the process.

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How To Set Up Two Ground Wires On A Light Fixture

1. Uncover Light Fixture

When figuring out what to do with ground wire on the light fixture, it’s important to uncover it first.

You should turn off the power supply while doing this. It will ensure you do not get shocked because one of the wires was exposed during the process.

Once the power supply is off, you can move on to working away at the light fixture. This includes removing the light fixture patiently.

By uncovering the light fixture, it will reveal the wires inside.

This is where the current is passing through. If you want to get the ground wires in place, you have to start here.

2. Connect Ground Wire To Green Ground Screw

At this point, you are now going to see the ground wire.

It is likely going to be near the bottom of the light fixture. You will want to link it to the green ground screw that is running along the middle of the fixture.

This will vary depending on your specific light fixture and how it is set up. Your goal is to get the ground wire connected to the circuit within the light itself.

Once you do this, you are now going to take a connector to link the other ground wire.

3. Attach Both Ground Wires With Connector

When it is time to attach the ground wires to a light fixture, it’s important to know how the fixture is going to work once it’s set up.

The rule of thumb is that a light fixture is only going to be grounded when the two wires are interlinked. This means they need to be attached the right way.

If you don’t do this, the ground wires are not going to work well at all.

To fix this issue, you are going to use a connector and then twist the ground wires to link them together. The connector is going to make sure both of them are interlinked and the current goes through as intended.

This will allow the light fixture to work properly while having a safety net in place at the same time.

two ground wires on light fixture

4. Test the Light

Your next and last step will be to test the light fixture.

When learning how to connect ground wires in light fixtures, you have to go through this testing phase. Turn on the power supply and see whether or not the circuit is working as it is supposed to.

If the light is clear and not flickering, this means it is good to go.

The purpose of a ground wire in a light fixture is to act as a safety net for the load. This is why getting the two ground wires in the right spot is a must.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if you want to have two ground wires on a light fixture.

If you have two ground wires on a light fixture, the most important step is to ensure they are interlinked. The circuit will only work when the ground wires are synced. To do this, you will want to uncover the fixture, connect one ground wire to the green ground screw. Now take a connector and twist the other ground wire before connecting it to the first wire.

Once linked together, the circuit will be complete.

This is when the light fixture is going to turn on and work properly. Your goal should be to take your time during this process to ensure no mistakes are made when setting up the light fixture and ensuring it’s grounded.

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