What Leads To Lukewarm Water From Cold Tap? (Explained!)

Turning on the cold tap seems like a basic task that should work seamlessly.

Unfortunately, there are times when a cold tap is going to malfunction. This includes causing there to be lukewarm water from the cold tap.

If a cold tap has lukewarm water, this is caused by too much water pressure, recirculating plumbing, improperly installed pipes, or inefficient heat traps. Any of these reasons can be the root cause of warm water coming from a cold tap.

The best course of action is to shut off the water supply to the tap and begin assessing what’s going on internally. This includes looking at the pipes leading into the tap for more information on the root cause.

Having this information will go a long way in coming up with a reasonable solution.

This article will take a look at what to do if there is lukewarm water coming from a cold tap.


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Tips On What To Do With Lukewarm Water From Cold Tap

1. Turn Off The Water Line

You will want to start by turning off the water supply to the tap.

The goal is to make sure there is no excess water running through the pipes into the faucet. This can lead to an unnecessary mess around the sink when you go to remove the faucet for a better look.

It’s generally recommended to turn off the water line for most plumbing tasks due to this reason. Cut the water flow and then begin focusing on the pipes and/or faucet.

You will want to test the faucet by turning it on. This will let excess water flow out before you begin to remove it from its place.

Do not immediately remove the faucet and/or pipe when the water supply is shut off. There is a small waiting period where you have to allow the sitting water to flow out of the pipes.

lukewarm water from cold tap

2. Remove the Faucet

You will now want to remove the faucet to take a better look at what’s going on.

There are situations where the faucet is not installed correctly and this becomes the main troublemaker. Any type of incorrect installation whether it’s the heat trap, faucet, or pipes can lead to this issue.

As a result, you will want to check every and make sure the hold is airtight.

This is the only way to ensure water can continue to come through the pipe. You will want to remove the faucet and take a look at where the problem lies. This includes testing the pipes around the cold tap.

3. Check Placement of the Pipes

Are the pipes too close together?

This can happen in cramped spaces where the pipes are intertwined and that can cause hot water to come through the cold tap.

You will want to test to see where the pipes are going and ensure they are not heading into the wrong connection point. This does happen when the pipes are installed incorrectly or are too close together.

If this is the case, you will have to re-install segments of the pipe to ensure they are not as close anymore.

Take your time doing this and make sure the pipes are spread out rather than having them bunched together.

lukewarm water from cold tap

4. Replace Heat Trap

This is a common issue that causes lukewarm water to come from a cold tap.

The idea is to see where the heat trap is set up in the plumbing.

You will want to get an adjustable wrench and begin removing the old heat trap nipple. Replace with the new heat trap nipple that you’ve purchased and make sure to tighten it with Teflon tape. This will make sure the hold is secure.

This process should take a few minutes to do and it is highly recommended for managing the water’s temperature.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to implement when there is lukewarm water pouring from the cold tap.

Lukewarm water can come from a cold tap due to excess water pressure, improperly installed pipes, damaged faucets, and/or ineffective heat traps. It’s recommended to test each aspect of the connection to make sure there is no broken element at play.

Most of the issues tend to lie in how the pipes are installed. You will want to test them and make sure the pipes function as they are supposed to.

This is critical when it comes to getting cold water to come when required. This is a real hurdle and it is one you are going to want to correct before the problem worsens.

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