Can Vanity Be Smaller Than Space? (Solved)

When you are setting up the vanity in a bathroom, you are going to want it to be perfect.

For the most part, the average vanity is going to be the right size as most designers will have a standardized layout for this part of the property.

However, what if things don’t play out as you want them to? What if the vanity is smaller than the space it is going in?

If the vanity is smaller than the space it is going in, push the vanity flush against the wall and fill the gap with silicone caulk. If it is a larger gap, use backsplash tiles to help divert attention from that particular space.

You will have to be creative when the vanity is too small.

It is going to look odd and you are not going to be happy with the results if you are not taking the time to think about what works and what does not.

This article is going to look at what to do if the vanity is smaller than the space it is going in.

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How To Fix Vanity Smaller Than Space

1. Push Flush Against The Wall

If the new vanity is smaller than the old one, you are likely going to face an installation issue due to its size.

This is because the gap is going to be too big for the vanity to go into.

If this is the issue, you will want to make sure to push the vanity flush against the wall. This is how you are going to make sure the space behind the vanity is cut as much as possible.

You don’t want to rush the situation as that is how you are going to end up with a gap around and behind the vanity.

Always push it flush against the wall and then judge your options.

2. Apply Silicone Caulk In The Gap (If Small)

You are now going to want to see how big the gap is behind the vanity.

The first option is to apply silicone caulk in the gap.

This is going to help fill the gap and make it look even from all sides. Of course, this is assuming the gap is a small one and the silicone caulk is not going to look odd.

This is a judgment call but it is recommended to do this for smaller gaps as it will not distort the rest of the bathroom.

3. Install Backsplash Tiles In The Gap (If Large)

You will want to go down this route if you are dealing with an excessive gap with a smaller vanity.

If the vanity is too small, you will want to install backsplash tiles.

Let’s assume there is a 1-inch gap between the vanity and the wall. in a situation such as this, you are going to want to install backsplash tiles in the gap. You can also go with larger tiles to make it look flush.

The gap between the bathroom vanity and the side wall is common.

The backsplash tiles will make it look even and that is what you should be aiming for when it comes to doing things the right way.

4. Invest In A Backer Rod

You will want to think about installing a backer rod.

In some cases, a backer rod is a good option because it is thicker than other options. You can use this as a combination solution with silicone caulk.

By applying both, you are going to have a much simpler time filling the gap between the wall and the vanity.

This is common when the side wall is too far away from the vanity, which means it is not easy to fill the gap as well as you want to.

Final Thoughts

These steps will go a long way as you fix a vanity that is smaller than the space it is going in.

To fix a vanity that is smaller than the space it is in, start by considering applying silicone caulk into the gap. If the gap is too big, use backsplash tiles to get rid of the spacing.

This is how you are going to get the results you are after.

In general, the goal is to make it look as seamless as possible.

The only way this is going to happen is if you are taking the time to exhaust all of your options. For some, this is going to mean installing backsplash tiles, while others are going to have a much smaller gap, which means it’s okay to go with silicone caulk.

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