Can You Vent Portable AC Through Fireplace? (Answered)

A portable AC is one of the best investments a property owner can make, but it demands adequate venting to perform well.

This is where property owners struggle and end up dealing with airflow issues.

To fix the problem, you have to start by considering a way to vent the portable AC through the fireplace or somewhere else. Is it possible to do this?

Yes, you can vent the portable AC through the fireplace. A chimney or flue pipe is specifically engineered to withdraw smoke from the fixture. By installing a vent pipe through the fireplace, it’s possible to vent a portable AC through here rather than a window.

A lot of people don’t consider this as an option and stick their portable AC near a window.

It might work, but it can also be the most inefficient way to vent a portable AC at home.

This guide will explain more on how to vent an AC through the fireplace and why it works so well.

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How To Vent Portable AC Through Fireplace

1. Connect Vent Pipe Between AC And Fireplace

When learning how to vent a portable air conditioner without a window, you have to connect the vent pipe between an AC and the fireplace.

This is assuming your goal is to vent it through this fixture.

Remember, this is not your only option. You are more than welcome to vent a portable AC using a window or even into another room. It is all about airflow and making sure it is managed wisely.

It’s often assumed the air has to go out of the property but that is untrue. You can have it pushed to another part of the house where there is a window.

For the fireplace, you will want to link the fireplace with the portable AC using a long vent pipe.

This will travel to the fireplace and into the chimney.

vent portable ac through fireplace

2. Jam Vent Pipe Deep Into The Chimney

When installing a vent pipe into the chimney, you have to be careful about how it is done.

Don’t have it sit on the edge of the hole.

This is not deep enough and the air is not going to flow the way you want it to. Instead, you have to jam the vent pipe much deeper into the chimney.

This will cause the air to travel up and out of the chimney.

3. Check Airflow On Lowest Setting

When it comes to portable air conditioner venting options, you have to test the AC as soon as the materials are in place.

The goal is to see how the air flows from the AC to the fireplace.

It has to be done efficiently or the venting setup will become useless. This includes assessing all of your options by checking the airflow on the lowest setting.

Just run the AC and see how it goes.

If the airflow is consistent, you can get it to travel the way you want it to. This is why jamming the vent pipe deep into the chimney is a prerequisite for this to work.

vent portable ac through fireplace

Can You Put An AC Unit In A Fireplace?

You can put an AC unit in the fireplace and it’s often the only option in some homes. To do this, the unit has to be installed into the hearth and its back will face the firebox. This helps control the airflow and release hot air out.

It’s important to be careful when installing a portable AC near the fireplace.

The fireplace itself is going to be functional, which means it needs to operate efficiently. Any issues with the installation can harm the portable air conditioner and make it impossible to use.

Take your time with the installation and ensure the airflow is fully controlled.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know to vent a portable AC through the fireplace.

If you want to vent a portable AC through the fireplace, connect the two fixtures using a durable vent pipe. This vent pipe has to be jammed deep into the chimney to help release air upwards.

When done right, the airflow is going to be manageable and the AC will function the way you want it to.

Take your time during this process. You don’t want to rush as any mistakes will increase the room temperature and also create airflow issues over the long term. Ventilation is key for a portable AC, which is why the vent pipe has to be set up the right way.

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