15 Best Vintage Spring Decor Ideas To Use At Home

When it’s time to focus on a new season, it’s essential to decorate your home the right way too.

This is going to exude the freshness and charm you’re going for with the new spring decor at home. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what your options are and how you are going to convey the type of elegance that’s required moving forward.

This guide is going to look at the best vintage Easter decor ideas and why they are important for your home.

Bunnies On The Shelf

What is an element that’s commonly associated with Easter?

It’s the Easter bunny.

This is why you are going to want to bring this element to life with the help of this idea. The bunnies on the shelf are going to look impressive and are going to help put forward the Easter theme you are going for.

We find this to be a convincing idea that is not only easy on the eyes but is also going to manage the theme well moving forward.

This is a vintage spring decor idea that works well.

Vintage Bucket Design

The bucket is such a vintage, elegant option that has a bit of homeliness to it.

This is why you are going to appreciate how the vintage bucket is going to be set up in the space and how the idea is going to come to life once it’s in place. We adore the bucket and find it to be a unique decorative element.

It’s going to have a bit of that natural charm to it that will make it warm and welcoming.

Vintage Bunny With Large Bucket

Continuing with the idea of using a vintage bucket in your idea, it’s essential to look at how you can dress it up the right way.

One of the options would be to use a larger bucket.

The larger bucket in this vintage spring decor idea is going to allow you to create a more noticeable aesthetic in the room. This is going to include the use of a vintage bunny aesthetic that is easy on the eyes.

Circular Tray With Tulips And Candles

A good circular tray is going to be a neat starting point and it’s going to be an important option for those who want to have a strong base for their vintage Easter decor idea.

Along with the circular tray, you are going to use fresh tulips.

The tulips are going to help dress up the tray and then the candles are going to add a bit of scented elegance to the space.

These elements together are a vibrant option.

Vintage Decor With Speckled Eggs In A Jar

Speckled eggs are just as commonly associated with Easter as the Easter bunny.

This means you are going to want to incorporate them into your idea one way or another. To do this properly, we would take a look at putting a vintage spin on it with this idea.

This is going to include setting up a jar with the speckled eggs inside.

It’s going to look welcoming and provide the type of beauty you are hoping for.

Vintage Spring Decor With Can

What about adding a can to the room?

This is one of those unique ideas that is going to impress because it’s going to stand out and that alone makes it empowering. You are going to appreciate how vintage the design is and how it turns out.

This is key for those who want to go with a vibrant spring decor idea while maintaining the vintage vibe.

Eggs In A Basket With Florals

Flowers are always a good option when it’s time to focus on a spring decor idea.

Since you are going for a more vintage aesthetic, it’s important to blend the florals with antique elements that are going to flow well.

This idea focuses on using a vintage basket as the base for the concept. This is then going to allow you to set up the florals and the eggs in one place.

Vintage Cottage Decor With Florals

We love the vintage cottage decor idea because it’s going to be aesthetically pleasing and still maintain that homely vibe you are going for.

We enjoy this type of aesthetic.

It’s going to work well with the overall charm you are hoping for including the florals that are going to be added into the concept. You can choose spring-friendly florals that are going to help brighten the vintage design.

Vintage Wooden Decor With Round Mirror And Plants

Wooden decor tends to work well for this type of idea because you are going to be creating that rustic elegance, which goes well with vintage concepts.

Along with the wooden decor, you are going to be looking at the specific elements in the idea.

This includes a beautiful round mirror and then the fresh plants that will complete the look as soon as things are set up.

Vintage Decor On Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an empowering option for those who want to mix things up a bit and make sure their vintage spring decor idea is a good one.

In this case, you are going to have floating shelves set up in a way that’s going to be organized and balanced.

This is key as you are going to feel confident in how the floating shelves are going to be set up.

This goes a long way for those who want to make sure the floating shelves last a long time.

Tulips Arrangement

The right flowers are going to make all the difference when it’s time to focus on the right type of spring decor idea.

This is going to include using the right type of tulips.

The right arrangement is going to help add color to the space and ensure it has the pep you are hoping for.

Hanging Branch Decor

This is one of those interesting home decor ideas that is going to capture a person’s attention as soon as they walk into the room.

This is why we love it!

You are going to have a vintage branch hanging across and it’s going to be used as the centerpiece of the decor idea. From here, you are going to decorate it to complete the aesthetic.

It’s a masterful way of beautifying the space and doing something others might not have tried.

Pottery And Plants Decor

Pottery is underrated when it comes to the designs you can craft and how things are put together with the natural colors.

These colors are going to look impressive and easy on the eyes.

Use the pottery elements to your advantage and then have plants to complete the idea. This is a fresh option for those who do want to incorporate plants in their design.

Vintage Rustic Floral Decor

When you are looking at a vintage idea, you are going to think about those rustic colors that are seen in warmer themes.

This is what you are going to get here instantly.

The rustic beauty of this idea is what makes it shine and you are going to fall in love with it. This includes the beautiful floral decor and how it is set up to maximize the aesthetic of your space.

Traditional Kitchen Decor With Bunnies On Riser

When it comes to traditional kitchen decor, this is one option that will get the job done.

The premise behind this idea is to set up a riser in the kitchen.

From here, you are going to have bunnies set up on the riser that is going to be on full display to showcase the love for Easter. This is an idea that is easy to set up and it will look beautiful.