What To Do If Wall Oven Cutout Too Big? (Step-By-Step)

It’s essential to understand the importance of a wall oven cutout.

If the cutout is not the right size, this can impact how the installation process unfolds. A lot of people struggle with this and that’s why accurate measurements are important.

One issue that comes up includes a wall oven cutout that’s too big.

If a wall oven cutout is too big, use strips of wood along the inside of the cutout. This will narrow the cutout and ensure the wall oven sits flush against the sides. Take accurate measurements to make sure the cutout is an exact fit.

For most situations, two strips of wood on each side will be more than enough to get the job done.

Take the measurements, screw the wood into the sides, and then install the wall oven. This should ensure the wall oven is a perfect fit.

Here is more on what to do if a wall oven cutout is too big.

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How To Fix A Wall Oven Cutout That’s Too Big

1. Measure The Oven & Cutout

If a wall cutout is too big, you will have to take measurements.

This starts by measuring the wall oven. The width, length, and depth will all matter. You have to record these measurements and then compare them to the cutout.

The next step is to measure the cutout.

You are now going to measure the width, length, and depth of the cutout to see what the difference is.

This will shed light on what you should do to make sure both of them are closer together.

wall oven cutout too big

2. Invest in Quality Wood Strips

Let’s assume it is off by 3-4 inches on each side.

At this point, you can’t put the wall oven in and hope for it to look good. It is going to look awful and it won’t perform the way you want it to.

This is why it’s time to resolve the issue.

To do this, you are going to want to go out and invest in high-quality wood strips. These wood strips can be found at a local home hardware store and should be thick enough to settle in.

3. Cut Wood Strips

You are now going to go back to the measurements.

You want to cut the wood strips to make sure they match the length of the cutout. This will allow you to set up the wood strips in a way where the wall oven slides nicely into position.

The wood strips should be measured and cut to make sure it is a perfect fit.

4. Install Inside The Cutout

The last step is to install the wood strips on the inside.

You are going to want to install one strip on the front side of the wall oven cutout. This will act as a “frame” for the wall oven as it slides on.

The next wood strip is going to run horizontally and is going to act as the width for the inside of a cutout.

This will ensure the wall oven stays in place once it’s installed.

Make sure to use a strong nail gun for this task. It will allow the nail to go all the way through ensuring it holds together once you push the wall over in.

You can also use a drill to do the job.

wall oven cutout too big

What Is Cutout Width For An Oven?

The cutout width for an oven is going to depend on its size. It’s recommended to have the right cutout width for a 24″, 27″, or 30″ wall oven. When designing the cutout, it’s okay to leave a little gap along the sides. It should be no more than an inch.

This will ensure the wall oven slides in and doesn’t get stuck halfway.

There has to be enough space for the wall oven to go in. With an inch along both sides, it will slide nicely and not look out of place.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if the wall oven cutout is too big.

If the wall oven cutout is too big, it’s time to use wood strips running inside the cutout. To do this, measure both the wall oven and cutout. Now, cut the strips to match these dimensions and then nail them into place. This will tighten the inside of the cutout making it a perfect fit.

This will take a bit of time to get right but it will be worth the effort.

You are going to see impressive results once the cutout is finished.

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